The Shawarma Shiver

Who wants to be the Asian Persuasion?

Obviously a lot of people.

Shivaker’s newest “shtick” is hot! Sure, the satir-laced dance hit called The Shawarma Shiver is like something Joey de Leon would ever think of... but come on! THIS SHIT IS HOT!

And sure, I can see why there are a lot of hot people in this video...

But Lia Cruz??? 

She didn't to anything raunchy in the MTV but her presence alone should make eyes turn. 

Maybe this could be a sign that after Janelle So, Patricia Hizon, and Reema Chanco, there would be another PBA courtside reporter making the FHM Philippines' pages?  

Making a sportscaster/ courtside reporter do cool things = awesome.  


And what's even hotter than the chicks in the video are MORE CHICKS RESPONDING TO THE SHIVER! 

Game over. 


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