Smackdown versus Raw: 2011 - Outdated

Cody Rhodes has yet to be dashing, Jack Swagger should have a mascot in his entrance, and can somebody tell me what is the relevance of “Truth and Consequences”?*

* A make believe tag team headlined by R-Truth and Mike Knox.

WWE creative should talk to the game makers in terms of their product. If you compare the current storylines in the WWE at the moment, you’d notice that most of the stories featured are old. Most of the roster included in Smackdown versus Raw 2011 is either inactive or waived. This bugs me. For rabid WWE fans they’ll hope to find the current roster they see in their TV sets. For the casual WWE fan, they’ll probably ask ‘what the fuck” on the guys listed as good that he hasn’t seen for a long while.

While Batista and Matt Hardy should be on the game (on Hardy’s case, because he was released after the game came out and this is his saner version because in real life he’s weird) Finlay, Chavo Guerrero, Luke Gallows, Primo, JTG, Shad, and Vance Archer haven’t been on active duty for some time now. Mike Knox, Hurricane, and Shelton Benjamin have been released from the federation and guys like Christian, MVP, The Hart Dynasty, R-Truth, Ted DiBiase, Yoshi Tatsu, Chris Masters, Zack Ryder, William Regal, Evan Bourne, Goldust, The Great Khali, Mark Henry, Vladimir Kozlov, and most of the Divas are placed in forgettable feuds.

Chris Jericho is currently in hiatus since he has joined his band Fozzy in their tour.

Rob Van Dam is in the game and now he is part of the TNA roster.

See. Their roster for SVR2011 is outdated and it makes you wonder what they have in store for in 2012 THAT IS NOT IN THE CURRENT STORYILINES!

This is why the addition of NXT was refreshing. The entry of Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, David Otunga, and Daniel Bryan gave WWE a fresh storyline as well as a couple of new stars for the future. I can get that Mike Tarver, Skip Sheffield, and Darren Young have had their status crash after seeing minimal TV time and I can get that Kaval, Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris, and Alex Riley can’t be in the game because by the time NXT 2 appeared they were basically virtual unknowns but SVR2011 sucks without this storyline.

And in a way, it does.

I hate that they are still stuck in ECW. Except for Sheamus, none of the former ECW stars are on top of their respective rosters. When ECW faded, NXT was created and this also credited the rise of the upstart group called Nexus. The WWE writers used their wits to make eight less than stellar men (seven since Bryan showed up once for the group) worthy challengers against John Cena, Randy Orton, and the rest of the roster. Currently, Daniel Bryan is the United States champion. Wade Barrett is the leader of the group and he has “main evented” a PPV. Barrett has also successfully ridiculed John Cena. No thanks to Barrett, the once super-strong Cena has been relegated to Barrett’s bitch. Otunga’s inability to wrestle has been successfully hidden by making him the mouthpiece of the group. Slater has been a watchable performer and who can forget Justin Gabriel’s picture perfect 450 Splash?

Apparently no one… and this is why SVR2011 is somewhat disappointing for me.

Sure, I know that WWE is pissed as hell at the different wrestling sites and wrestling spies that are trying to spoil their storylines but maybe synchronizing the storylines with the game isn’t really a bad idea. Sure, future endeavors and other nuisances could occur but they can probably add a ton of legends instead of the jobbers. There is a reason why the Create-A-Wrestler mode is an extremely popular component of the series. The lack of Barrett, Bryan, and actually, Alberto Del Rio, Tyler Reks, and the Usos led to people creating these characters in the game and although WWE will release downloadable content, I don’t think the fans appreciate reliving storylines that wouldn’t happen. .

For WWE, now is the time for them to push their stars. Would it hurt them if they make Ryder, Yoshi, MVP, and William Regal credible again? Maybe since they have Cryme Time as a team in the game, perhaps they can reunite the two. Maybe they can reinvent Kaval by giving him a mask and making him the evil version of Rey Mysterio. There are a lot of maybes I can think of but the bottom line is they need to make the game current as well as enjoyable.

Speaking of enjoyable, maybe I’ll do an article about the look and feel of the game.

Game over.


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