South Super "My" Way!

Less than 24 hours after I got my non-pro license...

I scratched my dad’s car when a jeepney cut me when I was driving to work.

I have yet to drive without the supervision of my father. If I can assess my skills, I am too cautious and I am not that confident.

And yet, my driving skills finally debuted in South Superhighway.

At that point, I was the ruler of my world!  

Even if I drove slightly under 70kph...

... And I still don’t know how to park.

This has been years in the making. I got my first student license was when I was 17. I have a short film in college called "Drayb" to prove this point. It’s about a guy who drives around the metro, picking up a bunch of hitchhikers as if they can help him find his purpose in life. We filmed it around Manila, Quezon City, Marikina, and Antipolo. The rented white Toyota Corolla served as my “sidekick” and we shot the short film for two days. My unforgettable moment from that shoot was when I drove around Malate with a “borrowed” license and we got halted by a cop. Luckily we escaped the warning... as my “driving double” switched places with me when the cop wasn’t looking.

Anyway, now that we have two cars, my dad was adamant that I should take my driving seriously. I have learned to obey his instructions and not hurt the car or anything near the car.

The car I’m using was the second vehicle my family owned. The first was an owner-type jeep. I believe it was during the late 90’s when my parents bought our Honda City Type Z. The radio hasn’t been working properly.

Maybe this Christmas I might try to pimp it.

Or maybe share with the gas money. Especially... on those sweet Ferrari freebies...

Gotta love those.

Game over.


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