Sports versus Showbiz

Ricky Lo is a great entertainment journalist. He knows where to get the showbiz scoops and he has connections in all parts of the world. While I can name a lot of people loving his conversation, body talk, pageant scoops, angels, and VDPA’s, there is one part of the broadsheet he needs to furnish further... 

And that my friends, is the happenings in the world of sports.

His recent interview with James Yap was more showbiz than sports. It was understandable since the injuries to his team and his recent nose surgery is hampering their chances but there were tiny kinks in the way the interview was written. I remember when Ricky Lo had the “hottest college basketball players” article. He said the college players were “stars” but some of the mentioned were barely used. There was also a story about Ateneo and La Salle players but it was too formal and didn’t really say how they play during games. 

In James Yap’s article, the build-up for Kris Aquino’s side was lengthy and concise but Yap’s seemed safe and lacking. Honestly, Lo could have just written “MVP” or “Most Valuable Player” but he wrote “MVP (Most Valuable Player)”. I know a lot of men who read broadsheets that snag a view on the entertainment section and they express the sentiments I am saying. I also know a lot of women that knows the acronym extremely well. Another thing – James Yap is one of the popular figures in the PBA with or without Kris Aquino. Aside from being the current MVP, he was also a 2-time MVP – an elite club he shares with Ramon Fernandez, Alvin Patrimonio, Bogs Adornado, Abet Guidaben, Danny Ildefonso, Willie Miller, and Benjie Paras. He also had a lot of monikers like Boy Thunder, King James, and Big Game James. He is a many-time RP Team member whose field of expertise is to drill long range bombs and can easily score 17ppg, 4rpg, and 3apg when he logs at least 35 minutes per game. Remember when some fan opened up to James that irked Kris? In terms of popularity in a Purefoods’ uniform (or in this case, lineage), he is the Alvin Patrimonio of this generation.

And finally, there were a lot of things he could have said that somewhat resembles his showbiz connections like the heckling the crowd gives him after the incident, how the incident (and injury) affects his game, and hell, even ask James if he’ll try to hook his son in playing basketball.

I did like how he managed to link several people to him to at least level the people linked to Kris like Korean hottie Grace Lee and Kapuso star Isabel Oli.

I enjoy your articles, I can admit to that. If you just “awesomize” the sports info, then I’d enjoy it even more. Come to think of it, Quinito Henson, Philippine Star’s sport guy, tried to do a showbiz article in his sports column a while back and well... it wasn’t really that pretty.

Blame this on expertise, I guess.

Game over (by the way, visit the bmeg/purefoods website).


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