The Star World current look is "Too Pink".

Have you seen the new look of Star World.

Well, I must admit, I found it cute.

However, I also found it misleading.

Raise your hands if you like the current look of Star World. Star World is pretty much Fox International Asia Division’s flagship channel. Under its wing are the likes of Star Movies, Fox, Fox Crime, National Geographic, Star Mandarin, FX, and Channel V. Headlining their programming are Next Top Model (all versions), Master Chef, Glee, 90210, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, America's Got Talent, Desperate Housewives, Castle, Rules of Engagement, How I Met Your Mother, among others. In January, expect Star World to air the tenth season of American Idol. The former look was a yuppie chick moving at the streets of Makati (yes, you can see the Stock Exchange building). The current look exposes a bunch of sassy chicks that are independent and loving life. One of the featured girls is Georgina Wilson. The mestiza is shot as a cute boxing chick which is an obvious reference to Philippine boxing icon Manny Pacquiao.

Hey, at least she’s not pictured as a nurse or worse... a dog eater.

Anyway, the beef I have with their look... while cool is that you don’t know where they are going. I bet with all the man shows they have, they need a channel packed with chicks. But this leaves their sitcoms in a bit of a hoot. Their Monday Night Laughs block, seems neglected. I don’t know if they can air How I Met Your Mother on Fox TV since its home studio in the US is CBS but that and most of their shows screams miscast on Star World with their current “girly lifestyle” shindig. Maybe this could work if the look isn’t really that much of a “pink”.

Otherwise, they have a look. If you check out the rest of the Fox channels, you can distinguish the networks from each other.

It’s just... well... too pink.

Game over.


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