Sydman's Power Rankings (2010-11 Philippine Cup) - Start to November 3, 2010

It’s not as if I’m busy but I’m currently enjoying the NBA season more. Blame this on the NBA Fantasy Leagues where I am a contender. However, since this is one of the easiest ways to get visits on my site, finally… THE POWER RANKINGS IS BACK!

At this point, let me introduce to you the players that made the Top Ten. With my attention drawn almost exclusively on the NBA, I will write these names with very less fanfare.

By the way, for those new to my system, I follow the PBFANTASY computations but I also take in consideration the minutes played and the turnovers they commit per game. WINS MATTER LESS AT THIS STAGE... FOR NOW.

Game starts now!


30 ACES / TONY DELA CRUZ – Still solid for the Aces.

29 BOLTS / CHRIS ROSS – Needs to develop offensively because Ryan Gregorio loves to use him.

28 EXPRESS / RONNIE MATIAS – Yeng Guiao’s new age version of Junthy Valenzuela.

27 LLAMADOS / JAMES YAP – With the defense drawn to him, boy does he miss Kerby more than ever!

26 ENERGY BOOSTERS / SUNDAY SALVACION – Once freed from miniscule playing time, Sweet Glorious Sunday has opened a path of madness.

25 ELASTO PAINTERS / JAY-R REYES – Sure ROS has souped up on the wide bodies, but he is still the team’s top big man.

24 TIGERS / DENNIS ESPINO – He needs to call his former self to help Gary David on the team’s offense.

23 LLAMADOS / JONAS VILLANUEVA – A good upgrade for Paul Artadi but unfortunately BMEG has yet to gel.

22 ACES / LA TENORIO – He needs to make a name for himself if he wants to give Alaska more wins.

21 EXPRESS / RABEH AL-HUSSAINI – At this stage of the season, he is my hands down choice as Top Rookie.  

20 BOLTS / GABBY ESPINAS – He is picking the slack Asi Taulava is lacking right now.

19 LLAMADOS / RICO MAIERHOFER – We know he is a rebounding demon but maybe it’s time for him to develop a bit of offense.

18 BEERMEN / DONDON HONTIVEROS – The Cebuano Hotshot has been banging those bank shots consistently.

17 TROPANG TEXTERS / KELLY WILLIAMS – He is rebounds will always be there but now is the perfect time for him to wake up his offense!

16 TROPANG TEXTERS / JIMMY ALAPAG – Mighty Mouse continues to defy the age-old basketball maxim “height is might”.

15 EXPRESS / RONJAY BUENAFE – This Gary David clone is making wonders as Yeng Guiao’s chief scoring option.

14 KINGS / WILLIE MILLER – I still believe that the Kings are best with the Fast and the Furious scoring tandem but the Kings have won four in a row with him leading the scoring.

13 ELASTO PAINTERS / GABE NORWOOD – Mr. President has been off in his board work but he still leads the squad in assists, steals, and blocks.

12 BOLTS / MARK CARDONA – Captain Hook was sidelined and the rest of the Bolts looked bad thus proclaiming his importance.

11 KINGS / RUDY HATFIELD – H-Bomb is the top rebounder of the conference and that’s a given. What works well for him is that he gives the Kings the inside offense they have been drooling for some time now.


10 TROPANG TEXTERS / ALI PEEK – Returning to the team he first encountered when he was traded for Asi Taulava, Mr. Man Mountain has been a double-double threat for the squad. At his age, he should be experiencing the old man tag but he is trying hard to shut down the aging process with gusto.

9 ENERGY BOOSTERS / MARK ISIP – Yes. You saw it. Yes. Last season, it was hard for Isip to get 10 minutes worth of playing time. Now, Junel Baculi is delighted to see what Isip has become. Sure, Barako Bull is filled with benchwarmers but Isip saw this as a chance to make a name for himself. With averages of 16.8ppg, 7.2rpg, in 31.7mpg of action, Enrico Villanueva must be pissed right now.

8 ACES / CYRUS BAGUIOAlaska has a lot of players in the list and this is due to Tim Cone’s dependence to his starters. Baguio leads the team in assists and steals but with the recent setbacks of the Aces, I think Baguio needs to assert himself on the scoring end.

7 ELASTO PAINTERS / SOL MERCADO – While his status to join Smart-Gilas in the coming Asian Games remains unknown, it seems as if the Sol Train has ironed out his differences with Rain or Shine coach Caloy Garcia. Mercado is the team’s leader in scoring and it’s important for both parties to sustain a good working relationship if they want to pilot the team to the crown.

6 TROPANG TEXTERS / HARVEY CAREY – Who knew that the departure of a scoring threat in Mark Cardona would mean that TNT would power their way to the top via keying the rebounds and the inside play? Carey has been dependable but nowadays, he has become an extremely valuable cog for Chot Reyes and the Texters.

5 BEERMEN / JAY WASHINGTON – J-Wash missed a game but he returned to make things awesome for the Beermen anew. Sure, Alex Cabagnot has been scoring the clutch baskets for the squad but it’s him and Arwind that is providing the game-long brilliance for San Miguel.

4 ACES / SONNY THOSS – Maybe we shouldn’t be shocked at this. I mean, he isn’t like Yancy de Ocampo who’ll probably never experience PBA stardom despite his talent and it’s not as if there is an Alaska player bent on taking his starting spot. His enemy is himself and it seems that he’s overcoming his demons… and it’s about time.

3 BEERMEN / ARWIND SANTOS – San Miguel has a more pronounced lineup than the previous season. Their old guns have become backups and the new guys are getting infected by their winning attitude. That’s good for new blood particularly Arwind Santos. Arwind has been a MVP runner-up for a while now but maybe he’ll gain the MVP plum by having the ability to lead the Beermen to the title.

2 TIGERS / GARY DAVID – Bo Perasol is Gary David’s Freddie Roach. When he is Gary D’s coach, he blossoms. The impact David brings when his appetite to score intensifies is nerve-wracking! The only problem I have with this duo is that they never won any championships. They came close when they were in Air21 against Ginebra but that’s basically it. Another bad thing not working for them is it seems like Powerade won’t win a title either.

1 ACES / JOE DEVANCE – Devance’s hair is bugging the shit out of people! Defensive specialists are freaked out touching that frizzy and greasy afro and the opponents he guards are distracted by the glorious hair that looks like plants that battle zombies. With that said, he is on fire these days. But it would be better if he gives Alaska the wins. Most of Aces’ games have him playing at least 35 minutes which means he’s one of the focal points of their offense.  

Violent reactions? First of all for Ginebra fans, with the exception of Miller and Hatfield, the squad plays best as a unit. Sometimes Mark Caguioa would explode and in some nights, players like Ronald Tubid, JC Intal, Mike Cortez, and Jayjay Helterbrand would lead the charge for the Kings. This can be also said for teams like San Miguel, Air21, and Talk N Text.

For other teams, they only have a couple of players to fully depend on. Examples of which are Alaska, a team that uses at least eight players in their usual rotation, and B-MEG, a team stricken with injuries.

Unlike the Aces though, injuries to Kerby Raymundo, Marc Pingris, and Rafi Reavis made James Yap and company susceptible to mad defense.

The Power Rankings will return in two weeks.

Until then…