UFC 123 – The Results

Rip City just got rocked! 

I won’t go through all the matches because I don’t really know the other fighters. Hell I never really thought this match was on today.  

Maiquel Falcao versus Gerald Harris

The match should have ended when Falcao had Harris on that wicked submission. Harris was saved by the bell. Aside from the guillotine, Falcao could be someone you can watch on a monthly basis unless you hate submission-style fighters. In the second round, Harris got back by hitting a slam but Falcao continued to grapple his way to victory. The third round was kind of boring. I hope I saw more but the energy that the first two rounds had was sapped out when it came to the third. Falcao won the match via the judges’ scorecard. This was a decent debut for Falcao although he needs to finish his matches with impact.

And again, the match should have ended at the end of the first round.

BJ Penn versus Matt Hughes

Penn has had a bad 2010 after he fought in two title matches where he lost both bouts to Frankie Edgar. Matt Hughes has been in a semi-pro route as it seems that most of the octagon action has been fought by Ultimate Fighter finalists and Pride miscasts. Anyway I clicked the remote elsewhere and when I returned, BJ is getting interviewed! Then I saw that it was from one lucky punch. Who knew Hughes can go down in 21 seconds??? Obviously Hughes is distraught and embarrassed. I knew Penn would win here but I never expected that it would be quick and easy. While Hughes isn’t going to be like those other old guys that get UFC paycheck as token characters, he needs to forget about his loss to The Prodigy and train for a fight that will bring him back to the win column.

Lyoto Machida versus Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

Both fighters are coming from losses so expect both of them to fight with menacing animosity! At the start The Dragon is chopping up Rampage’s leg. Rampage pushed forward, they clinched, and Rampage caught Lyoto with a fist as they untangle themselves. Then they tie up anew. During clinches Machida is throwing the fists while Rampage is “hammer-fisting” his legs. Round One wasn’t that exciting as they thought it was.

In the second round, Rampage started off with a clinch on the verge of a slam that Lyota fortunately blocked. Rampage tags and hugs and out of nowhere, a takedown slam! They stood out though and as they unlock themselves from a clinch, Rampage unloads another fist. Lyoto then runs and they clinch and Lyoto unloads a high kick. Quinton returns the favor with a vicious fist. The second round had movement and I don’t know if the Quinton fall at the end was from a punch or from a spill but this was a better round. From my point of view Rampage is leading this match.

In the third round both fighters were hunting. The crowd is getting restless because of the lack activity but all of a sudden, one fist from Rampage made Lyoto freaking angry! Lyoto unloaded a bunch of fists, kicks, and knees. In retaliation, Jackson threw a lot of fists... which paved the way for Lyoto to take him down. As Lyoto contemplated with either a half guard or side control, The Dragon found a way to stretch Rampage to a triangle choke. Unfortunately Lyoto failed to cover Rampage’s leg which prompts Rampage to power and lift Machida. Fortunately for Machida, he released the hold before Rampage could ever slam him. The round is all Machida. This is what I wanted to see and the match could go either way...

But face it, in terms of activity, Rampage worked more. Machida bided his time and if he had one lucky move then Jackson is toast.

As it is, Jackson won via split decision. The match was good in the last two rounds and it would be awesome for us to get a sequel to this match.  

Not a good PPV in terms of main eventers. I wanted the Penn versus Hughes fight to go to distance but it didn’t. I am hoping that in two weeks, Georges “Rush” St. Pierre and Josh Koscheck put on an awesome fight.

Until then...

Game over! 


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