The Undefeatables?

George St-Pierre.

Anderson Silva.

Lyoto Machida.


Scrap Machida.

This is for those guys whose current records are eternally flawless.

Although... for how long will these records be left unblemished?

Shogun Rua and Lyoto Machida’s sequel in UFC 113 gave “The Dragon” his first MMA loss. And it was not match that he could have won. From the get go, Machida wanted to snipe on Rua’s faults and when he finds a weak spot, he’ll do everything to torment Shogun. Unfortunately, it was Rua that saw the chinks in Machida’s armor which led to Lyoto getting floored and getting beaten.

In UFC 123, the losers of the Shogun/Machida and Rashad/Rampage fights faced off. Rampage Jackson and Lyoto Machida were desperately in need of wins. Although Machida went nuts in the third round, his passive pace in the first two rounds were enough for Rampage to clinch the victory. For Machida, this is his second straight defeat.

For some insane reason, if you add the recent title loss of Brock Lesnar to Cain Velasquez, being the favourite... doesn’t mean that they are the victors anymore.

And yeah, you can also add BJ Penn’s shocking consecutive losses to Frankie Edgar.

The only fighters worthy for such adoration are GSP and Anderson Silva.  

Almost three years after he won the UFC Interim Welterweight Championship from Matt Hughes and almost 32 months after he won the actual UFC Welterweight Title from Matt Serra, Georges St-Pierre’s title will be up for grabs anew.

Come December 11 (December 12, Manila time) Georges St-Pierre will battle the flamboyant Josh Koscheck for the prestigious title. This is not the first time GSP has faced Koscheck. He first faced Kos in UFC 74 where Rush won via unanimous decision. The win became the first of seven straight victories that catapulted GSP as the top dog in his division. This time Koscheck wants nothing more than to lose again. After Koscheck dismantled the “cheapshotting” Paul Daley in UFC 113 held in GSP’s hometown of Montreal, Quebec, he vowed to everyone that he will defeat GSP and win his title.  

The GSP streak started when he lost... and he will end the streak when he wins...

And the prize for breaking the streak is the UFC Welterweight Belt.

Meanwhile, Anderson Silva is out to defend his UFC Middleweight Title against MMA journeyman Vitor Belfort. Returning to the Octagon, the 14-year pro will headline UFC 126 against The Spider at Las Vegas on February 5 (February 6, Manila time). Silva is shooting for his twelfth win since conquering Chris Leben in his 2006 UFC debut. Belfort is a scary striker with tremendous grappling skills. Since both guys are Brazilians, expect this to be a more technical match... for Belfort’s sake. Silva at 35, showed signs of slowing down against Chael Sonnen but in the end Silva caught Sonnen with a triangle out of nowhere. Belfort needs to deal with the strikes but also be wary of Silva’s “sudden shifts”.

Defocusing on Silva for a measly second could be a world of entanglement from The Spider.

If you ask me, Silva should win against Belfort. While The Phenom looks like a Transylvanian vampire with a seriously rock solid body, I think Silva will have a chance to extend his streak. However, Silva shouldn’t give Belfort a fighting chance because that would be stupid. If Sonnen didn’t tap out, he would have definitely lost his title.

As for GSP, he better be wary of Kos. He has been on a tear as of late. After the freak loss against Paolo Thiago, he won two UFC fights in slightly over two months against Frank Trigg and Anthony Johnson. In his fight against Daley, he made use of his striking ability which was Daley’s forte and manage to destroy his game. If you saw how Kos dedicated himself to training in his last fights, you’ll understand how the former Ultimate Fighter original has evolved. Known purely as a wrestler, he discovered a sudden knack to dismantle opponents with his punches and kicks. He can also perform bunch attacks which was almost nonexistent in his earlier days.

The confidence he has unearthed could be enough to make himself the right person to destroy GSP.

But for Kos, he can trash talk in various frequencies but what’s certain is that if he wants to defeat GSP, he needs to dig deep and bring more than his A-game. GSP is bar none, the most perfect UFC fighter as of late. He can knee, kick, punch, grapple, and intimidate like hell and if he gets a chance to show his dominance then Kos will find it hard to wrestler the belt away from GSP.

This makes UFC 124 seriously interesting. Kos will invade GSP in his turf and that should definitely make this epic battle even more awesome.

Will GSP join Machida or will GSP win like how he always does?

Game over.



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