Adults turn into kids every Christmas!

Santa will shock you.

I just got back from Batangas to visit my relatives.

I also brought gifts.

Most of my aunts got towels. Some of my cousins got mini-staplers. One particular cousin got an extremely girly Hannah Montana pen that has feathers, wiggles, and lights up when activated.

She’s pushing 30 by the way... and she probably hates Hannah Montana.  

Last year, I gave my godson a 42-piece train set. He might have loved it but I believe my cousin, his dad, hated it. So I wanted to give my cousin an awesome gift. Yup, deep inside, we men know that all electronic toys given to kids aged six downwards will probably end up with their dads.

I gave my godson a toy helicopter.

It was probably around 700 to 800 pesos.

My godson doesn’t know what to do with it... 

But my cousin was extremely excited!

After several scary moments where I forgot the instructions the salesman gave me when it came to the helicopter, we finally got the toy chopper flying.

No thanks to strong winds and the inability to stir the helicopter to the right direction, the toy helicopter flew 30 feet, hit a leaf from an adult coconut tree, and fell to a random land filled with grass and poop.

Luckily we found it in one piece and it was working.

Seconds later, I saw my cousin and his brother up at the top of the roof because again, the helicopter flew out of its course.

Maybe a simple teddy bear is a good idea for next year?

Maybe I need to ask Cindy that I want a toy helicopter as a Christmas gift.  

Game over.


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  2. actually exabytes looks fine but i don't know if how i'll benefit on this since i'm from the philippines. :)