Ballin' and Bailing

Wrongfully used.

I really think it’s an abysmal deathwish for a wrestler to be called “MVP” and acts none like it.

Come on! Why call yourself MVP? As of this moment, Randy Orton, The Miz, and John Cena are the MVP’s of the WWE because they managed to carry raw day in and day out. As much as I enjoyed Jack Swagger’s win on the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania, I wanted MVP or Montell Vontavious Porter to win and revert back to his heel character because he will be that fresh top guy they could earn millions from.

Instead WWE benches him. 


Remember when he debuted and he was like talking about superstar salary cap, winning bonuses, product endorsements, VIP access, his own talk show, and what-not’s? When he had that awesome feud with Matt Hardy, he was like the Ballin’ version of Alberto del Rio! What the hell happened!?!

And how can you be a MVP when you don’t act like it! The cocky, arrogant guy from Miami was a shell of himself when he turned good guy. The face character sucked the hell out of the character and I hate it! Why bring the prison background? Unless you’re turning him as Michael Vick, then putting the ex-con role ruined what could have been a stellar gimmick! Adding Mark Henry to do his undoing sucks even more! All of a sudden, MVP becomes the new and improved version of D-Lo Brown


Placing MVP on Raw was a move that everyone thought would do him good but instead it bombed. When they moved him back to Smackdown instead of revving up his career, they made him a high-profile jobber for the new guys they want to push!

Perhaps not qualifying for the King of the Ring tournament was the last straw for MVP. At 37, he had to leave if he wants to NOT have the careers of "overstaying employees from the yesteryears" like Billy Gunn, Hardcore Holly, Val Venis, Funaki, and Scotty 2 Hotty. These guys were eventually released after becoming stepping stones to WWE's "hotter" prospects. Currently, we have Chavo Guerrero, William Regal, and Goldust acting as established veteran jobbers for the stars. And then there's Finlay, but Fit Finlay is too valuable to let go because of how he does things as a WWE agent. See where I'm getting? MVP's goal to be champion is getting slim so he had to restart his chances. 

Hopefully he'll get the chance.  

MVP or Hassan Hamin Assad (born Alvin Burke Jr.) probably find himself wrestling in TNA, the Indies, or Japan. Maybe he’ll find a way to win back a roster spot. Christian is an example of this archetype. 

While I hate the name, maybe he can do the same shtick he did when he started a couple of years back... and WWE could give him the shot he deserves.

Or pair him up again with Mark Henry.

This time though, give MVP the D-Lo mannerisms.

BALLIN... with head shake!!!

Game over.


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