Bye Ate Carmen!!!!

Ate Carms commented on this pic

How can a hello be a simple knife-edged chop, a fist to the ribs, or a vicious shot to the shoulder?

And how can a greeting be a standing submission move where your hand is twisted to the back and then a huge amount of pain is delivered via forearms to the back?

Well, this is how I greet Kuya Enard and this is how he greets back. Apparently we are grown men that act like kids when we see each other.

Serving as arbiter is Ate Carmen. She is Kuya Enard’s waaaaaaay better half. She has the ability to tell us to stop our stupidity or in my case, since Kuya Enard once had a black belt on some MMA backgrounder, she lets me hit her husband more or commands her husband to stop hurting me. Yeah, Ate Carmen is cool. Last Sunday she went to heaven. I hate it because it’s just too early but maybe God has plans to make her Kuya Enard’s most awesome bodyguard. I just found out that she and Ninang Georgia were contacting each other since they both have breast cancer. Pairing them up was good because they understood what the other is going through. Hopefully they’ll talk none of about their sickness once they see each other in heaven.

Probably girly stuffs like shopping?

Or Dota... 

Ate Carmen is bubbly. Actually, she’s crazily mischievous at times. There were various times where she would YM me and she’ll insinuate about various subjects like me settling down. This would prompt me to talk about how his husband is gay and she’ll protect Kuya Enard’s handsomeness as if Kuya Enard is the young Aljon Jimenez (haha). During coffee when we usually hang out at Figaro near GMA (and some other network that occupies a big chunk of space), it’s easy to sense that they would stop and talk with each other in a language that only they can understand. She is awesome and she is hot and she is nice and she is smart and she can be a joker sometimes and she loves Kuya Enard so much and she loves the people around her so much and HEAVEN is lucky to have her.

Lucky I tell you!

It was because of her that the phrase “Enard uwi” was coined. This means in some ways that Kuya Enard needs to obey Ate Carmen or he will suffer her wrath (although the direct translation for this is that Kuya Enard has a time limit when it comes to spending time with his friends). However, Kuya Enard doesn’t need to be forced to obey her. She is considerate and warm and loving and I think her character should at least be partly contained when searching for the chick of your dreams (and vice versa for the women).

I should think twice whether or not to twist the nipples or tear out Kuya Enard’s slowly diminishing hairline or being Kuya Rommel’s gay benefactor (this is funny because this is the other way around) because somewhere, there is a presence looking down that will possibly pinch my ear and headlock me so that I will behave. That could probably be Ninang Georgia... while Ate Carmen is next to her laughing at me.

That smile, laugh, and grin is awesome.

In her Facebook account, Ate Carmen was saying this...

“I have a BIG GOD! He gives me strength and has blessed me a wonderful family and friends! Count your blessings every day!”

Let’s just obey her.

We miss you, Ate Carms!

We love you!


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