Chicken Rice War RULES!!!

I have been waiting for a copy of this movie for a long, long while now! 

When I was working at ABC 5 (before it became TV5), our bosses were livid to push films from other cultures to Philippine TV. Actually, our bosses were livid to push non-mainstream entertainment. This thought fits the “Iba Tayo” (We’re different) brand personality of the network. This was when a show called Dokyu was produced. Dokyu is a show that gives amateur and professional independent filmmakers a chance to air their works. And then there’s ABC Cinema. The movie block invites selected filmmakers to critic various films from all parts of the world.

ABC Cinema was the avenue for me to see Singaporean Cinema.

While I saw a trickle of their works, two films stood out for me – I’m With Stupid and Chicken Rice War. I’m With Stupid is a very smart film based from stupid kids. I laugh at parts but I never took the flick seriously. I am a fan of Chicken Rice War though. For years I have been searching for a copy. For every person I know who’s going to Singapore, I always remind them of my yearning.

But none of them would give me a copy of the film.

You see, in ABC5, It’s easy for us to preview Betacam tapes. Betacam tapes are old school compared to the current DVC or Mini DV tapes but just like the latter mentioned, it is used to air broadcast quality footages.

Having a betacam preview machine in your house is stupid... unless you own an editing suite.

Anyway, years later, I notice that there are a lot of movies in the internet. Actually, I just re-watched Tikoy Aguiluz’ Segurista. Michelle Aldana was hot in that movie but I loved the story of the film more than anything. The film was sexy but it wasn’t sleazy.

And then I typed Chicken Rice War... and here it is.

To summarize and to not expose the story too much, this is Singapore’s version of Romeo and Juliet. There are two families that own two opposing chicken rice stalls and their kids are in love with each other.

So this is merely a shitty Romeo and Juliet inspired movie?

Not quite...

Just click the vids and watch.

Part 1:


Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

Part 10:

Whoever Electric Gigolo is, you are awesome!

I have been waiting to watch this and you gave me a reason to watch it over and over!

Perhaps the next step is for me to score a quality copy of the movie.

Game over!


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