Christmas Party - December 10, 2010

Last December 10, the International unit of our department held our annual Christmas party. Thanks to Dawn and Mark (the newcomers are the designated organizers of our annual party), we had an awesome time. I learned a new party game and I added a couple of statement shirts in my collection.

Anyway, our plan was to come to the venue dressed as our favourite movie characters. I planned to show up dressed as Zohan, the famous Israeli assassin who wants to become a hairdresser. However, I planned to come in not like the wardrobe he wore in the theatrical posters but in white pants, flowery long sleeves, and a flip-flop.

My peg is basically like former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza... but with a beard!


Turns out though, Zohan became a random hairdresser from Reyes Haircutters with a blower.

I did fit in though, since most of my officemates went as Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City, Don Corleone from The Godfather, Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, Harry Potter, and Joker, among others, the event reverted to a gala night.

Here are the pics to prove that an event existed.

By the way, thanks to Caca Ko’s cellphone, the pics looked seriously awesome.

Game over.

Does this look like Zohan? If you say no... then you're probably right. 

This was taken after we got wasted... and trashed another establishment (*cough* TYA *cough*) 

Here is a picture of Caca holding a gun. 

From L to R: Manuel, Chris, Isko, and Vlad in front of beer. 

This pic starts a bunch of poses meant to make people think how cool they look. 

Rustom Padilla was once an action star. I'm just saying one of them could be gay in a year or so! 

Gun + Adamantium claws = very conflicting.

Mark (as Wolverine) and Caca posing.


Trivia: In 1990, Lito Lapid and Monica Herrera starred in an action movie called "Walang Piring ang Katarungan". 

Another Trivia: In 1992, Rina Reyes played the second leading lady of Jestoni Alarcon in the action movie called Eddie Tagalog: Pulis Makati. Also in the movie was Sheryl Cruz. 

This Christmas party was also the despidida party of Chris.

Here's another trivia: Zoren Legazpi and Roderick Paulate starred in Bala at Lipstick. Oh look, Manuel with a gun! 

Weng and Caca trying to look "hoodlumish". 

Vlad showed up as Joker. This image should fuck the shit out of people! 

This is Weng's impersonation of Lou Bonnevie. 

The phone edit features made this image awesome. 

I was already at home when this took place. They were thinking of going to Tagaytay and it was already 3 in the morning. I noticed that I have my things strapped on my shoulder and there was a Nine Stars taxi heading in front of me. As they plan, I sneaked out. Also, I learned a lot after the various "kidnap" experiences I learned from my lawyer friends.

This is Caca posing awesomely along the streets of Sgt. E. A. Esguerra. One thing I failed to do in this Christmas party was to pose awesomely. 

Hell, even Clanch dressed as Harry Potter (or Patrick Garcia with eyeglasses) had his moment. 

If only people can hear me growling as I see the Foo Fighters' The Pretender. 


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