Christmas Work Rush

Ebenezer Scrooge had a thing for yuppies... 

December is usually the time where I slack the fuck out of work. This day though gave me a road test on what to expect this 2011.

The neophytes inside my workplace for the gallant effort they put up in our inter-department Christmas competition. They placed second in the event which is the highest-rating we ever had in the annual event. The only we won here would be part of our what-should-be awesome summer vacation. Usually, this is the initiation test for newbies in our department and the dedication these youngsters pulled off made our department realized how creative and talent-laden this batch is. Despite our shooting, previewing, copywriting, storyboarding, voicing, and brainstormings, we have still enough creative juices for the delight of everyone!

If you want to check out what I’m talking about, check this out. We also supplemented the performance with a MTV. You can probably see me swirling and twirling as a backup dancer for some hairy tranny.

Anyway, December 16 to January 3 usually means a lot of going to malls, three-hour lunch breaks, endless internet surfing, and non-related activities. For those who’ll stay in the metro, it is better for them to un-bored themselves at home and surf the net at work. However, there are unsettling un-perks regarding this scenario.

In particular, my work revolves around unpredictability and rush projects taking the time of your usual work load. I got an annoying project last year that almost made go Stone Cold on a couple of clients. No thanks to forced leaves, I could have a peaceful December 28 to 30.

But like I said, today gave me a kick to the balls on why I shouldn’t get all too happy with the Christmas vacation.

I am currently bracing for the worst.

Game over.


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