Comedy Cartel's Laugh it Out!

My Dad didn’t want me to say a joke onstage because he fears people will laugh at me.

Thanks for the concern.

Anyway, last November 13, 2010, I went to a fund raiser for the benefit of Ifugao kids. They call this event “Laugh It Out” – a virtual royal rumble of the best local and international comics. My officemate, Caca Ko, was responsible for this event.  

I enjoyed this gig. It was actually worth the entrance fee and it made me yearn for more (my sophomore experience is another story). I like to say that the art of stand up comedy is such a hit or miss concept and often it takes time to master the art of timing, delivery, and writing a good material.

Some master it quick while others can try but the basically doom themselves to fail.

So here are the creams of the crop of this event!

Hopefully you enjoyed what you saw!



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