I must beat my biggest enemy: Procrastination

I am slacker but I value my competence. I never felt so embarrassed yesterday. I don’t know if this was the yearnings of a Christmas break but definitely I will use this as a tool to be better when 2011 arrives.

It sucks to know that you compromise your competency because you don’t think bad things will happen. I take pride of being a professional slacker. I can blog and work while getting things done but nowadays I feel like I haven’t been serious. I need to be serious. I have to. If I want to level up in 2011, the lapses need to end. If I can mesh the way I handle temptation with the way I handle procrastination, then things could work well in 2k11.

Speaking of other things, my fantasy league needs to evolve. In both of my leagues, I am losing. Hopefully I could land a couple of big stars without destroying my roster. Injuries, bad decisions, and dependence on the rookies are reasons why I am in the middle of the pack in my ESPN Fantasy League. Field goal percentage is my biggest problem in my Yahoo Fantasy League. I need to surmount these problems if I want to survive.

In terms of getting money for my blog, I think I have a plan. Again, this could be a hit or miss scenario but if this works, then I will get something. I am not looking for money but I am looking for an opportunity to get my works in paperback.

2011 is something I look forward to. Personally, I need to allocate enough highlights so that I can say that I can fulfil everything that I want before I do something ballsy.

But I have to decimate all of my minor kinks out of my system.

I want to own 2011.

Game starts now!


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