I was looking at my blog stats and it hit me that people are reading my wrestling articles!

Should I do a New Year article or should I do a wrestling blog?


At the latter part of 2009, Sheamus won his first WWE Championship. Almost a year later, The Miz won his first WWE Championship as well when he cashed his Money in the Bank contract at a televised Raw show.  At Smackdown, Jack Swagger won the Money in the Bank contract in Wrestlemania and he cashed it almost a week later to win the World Heavyweight title. Then Kane won his second big belt after cashing his MITB contract against Rey Mysterio.

I don’t know if the first title run counts as a title run because Stone Cold Steve Austin lost and won back his title in less than 24 hours!  

So why am I saying this? Shawn Michaels has retired (unless otherwise), Batista has left, Undertaker and Triple H didn’t appear much in 2010, John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, CM Punk, Big Show, and Sheamus have won too many titles in such a short period of time and with the current roster where star power is lacking which is why Jerry Lawler is back in the spotlight, they need to establish a couple of new stars fast!

Since the ECW Championship doesn’t matter in terms of being a big belt, here are the ten wrestlers you need to look out for in 2011. I’m probably lucky if I guess 50 percent of the guys perfectly but it should be noted that perhaps there will only be at least four guys to find their selves owning a big title.


10 MARK HENRY / I am sorry. I really do. I should be kicked in my balls for even thinking this. I chose to leave out Ted DiBiase, Even Bourne, Santino, Tyson Kidd, DH Smith, Ezekiel Jackson, Tyler Reks, most of the Nexus, the mascot formerly known as the Swagger Soaring Eagle, for this? First of all, Vince likes his big men. Second, he’s always a threat in matches that isn’t ladder matches (because no ladder can support his slowness). Third, did you notice that he has been injured for some time now? And lastly, well... as long as Mark Henry is there, he can defeat everyone because of his sheer bulk. Hell, I won’t even be surprised if Christian or numbers 3 to 9 lose to this guy!

You shouldn’t too.

If Matt Hardy, Kaval, and MVP are still in the WWE, they’ll probably be in this spot.

9 KOFI KINGSTON / I am not really a fan of his work but I’ll give this guy credit for doing well. I really enjoyed his program with Jack Swagger in-ring action-wise and perhaps he can be again a key player in those Money in the Bank matches. But I just can see him doing more in his current state. As of now, he looks like a better version of Evan Bourne because Bourne barely gets a decent ring time on Raw. Maybe a heel turn for him? That would be good but he needs to establish a Rey Mysterio-like following first before the creative team can execute this to perfection.

8 DREW MCINTYRE / His sick and sadistic image is direct and usual. It makes me think that he’s just a good-looking version of Tyler Reks. Anyway, while I can see him hold a title, I think he needs to have a great material to work with before he gets the title. Give him feuds with The Undertaker or Edge or have him win against The Big Show and Rey Mysterio. I can see this guy inheriting the Legend Killer gimmick but he should stay away from the oldies and stick with the established bets.  

7 DASHING CODY RHODES / I am loving the gimmick. I thought for sure, he’d be the forgotten member of Legacy but unlike Ted DiBiase, he managed to hold on and become more. Sure, the “pretty boy shtick” has been done overly, but has those pretty boy characters from the 1980’s and up ever win a world title? Sure, you’ll say Shawn Michaels... but try disregarding this fact for a sec. Cody should throw a tantrum and then get excited and furious just like when Hulk Hogan “hulks up” or when a random wrestler deals a Samoan with a head bump. Also, please make the Beautiful Disaster his finisher! Cross Rhodes is a generic finisher!

6 DOLPH ZIGGLER / I placed him ahead of those under him because I like the potential he has right now. He sort of reminds me of Billy Gunn with his Mr. Ass character... except that Ziggler is a better wrestler. He needs to find a way to drop the name though. The name is horrible! Dirk Diggler is awesome but Dolph Ziggler sucks! Ziggler is solid in the ring and while he is a good talker, he also has heat magnet Vickie Guerrero accompanying him. Perhaps his run with the big belt could happen with Vickie giving him the opportunities since she’s a Smackdown special consultant to the GM. Maybe Ziggler could feud with Edge since he’s Vickie Guerrero’s former flame?

5 DANIEL BRYAN / I am more than certain that indy wrestlers shouldn’t dream of the WWE if they are impatient and if they can understand the guidelines. But hey, DB made The Miz stand out and DB gave Michael Cole the “I favor ____” character which gave Cole a character... and yet DB is now stuck in a love angle with the Bella Twins... and he is not mad or anything so that means he’s good, right!?! The patience and respect to the rules could be tools for DB stick and perhaps win a championship. I just wish he’ll move to Smackdown because the matches there are longer.

4 JOHN MORRISON / The guy is a championship waiting to happen. He has the looks and his Parkour movesets that Michael Cole aggressively pimps makes him unique. Everyone has a beef in his not-so-great mic skills but I don’t think that’s a problem. He is like those drugged-up rock stars that zone out. I think he needs to stick with one or two finishers. When I see a large fan, I go near it and I mimic his slomo entrance. I don’t look pretty when I do that...  

3 ALBERTO DEL RIO / Mexican JBL is awesome! While I’d rather have a mascot than a creepy-looking ring announcer, the way Del Rio is booked is good. He also has the skills to pull off his persona although he reminds a bit of Carlito’s rookie year. I don’t know how well he can work with big men but he’ll have fun with Smackdown’s wide array of good workers. He’ll have to name his cross armbreaker finisher because it is cool but he also needs another finisher that’s not a submission move. Perhaps the backstabber?

2 CHRISTIAN / Oh look. Here’s Christian. He should win a big belt. Hell, he should get a title shot! The problem with Captain Charisma is that he went to TNA. I think Vince McMahon has something with regards to those guys. However I think 2011 is the time when Christian gets pushed. It’s make or break time for him. He has the ability to make people listen to him. He is a good worker as well. With Chris Jericho out indefinitely (since he’s touring), maybe they can “heel” Christian up and give him Y2J’s role. A Money in the Bank win could seal a good face turn but for a heel turn, WWE should grant us a Edge versus Christian match.

1 WADE BARRETT / 2010 was a great year for this rookie. He has the size and the swagger. He is a good talker and he brawls well. Barrett won NXT and used his reward (a title shot) against Randy Orton. He had a highly-publicized feud with John Cena and leading the Nexus, he became WWE’s fresh face up top of their food chain. With his ouster as Nexus leader, his growth could stop. He could rejoin the Nexus now led by CM Punk... or exalt revenge to his former allies by siding with Cena. Making him a face could destroy his main event standing though.

Barrett has the best chance for winning the belt but I hope Christian wins one. Hopefully these wrestlers won’t have a crappy 2011.

Actually, I hope they don’t join the future endeavours club.

Happy 2011!

Game over!


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