FHM Philippines December 2010 Issue: The Review

One of the better FHM covers of 2010. 

Admittedly I don’t know anything about Ellen Adarna. I know she’s a mainstay on Bubble Gang but the popularity she garnered before that stint escapes me. This is why for me... the December issue of FHM Philippines is either a hit or a miss.

Sheree still serves as the best example of a newcomer that benefited through a FHM cover. Vivian Velez 2.0’s feather attire was responsible for a lot of buzz on the Viva Hot Babe that never really exposes herself as much as her group mates.

Whatever happened to Mariel de Palma? This chick for me is the worst FHM bust... ever. She had those cool poses (especially those where she rests in a tree) but perhaps pregnancy, not taking the business seriously, going back to school, or returning to the province to sell fresh things near the roadside wrecked that chance.

Anyway, Ellen Adarna is one of the coolest things to happen for FHM this 2010. The way she posed for the cover is enough for guys to flock right then and there and buy her issue. Her debut issue reminds me of the debut issue of Francine Prieto. Her cover nerve-wracked a lot of guys and at the same time made FHM modish. Sure, she’s topless, but what she did was not revolting at all! As I look for a pic to back up my article, I am shocked to see that Ellen has already posed for UNO Magazine! I am not surprised because she has this high-end look (although I'm kind of shocked that she is indeed an internet sensation). Hovering inside the pages did a lot of good than bad since you get to know her and you get to see her more. The article gave the readers a glimpse of who she was and what ticks her off. As for the photo shoot, the camera loves her. She has this look where she can pass as a Malaysian, Singaporean, Korean, or anything from Asia that is cute, exotic, and hot. The jacket shoots were cool and that jockey/polo player stances were cute. It didn’t matter if she returned to those generic two-piece poses because the fact of the matter is that she could do no wrong. I think those sleepy eyes should return with better concepts.

Her cover shoot and story alone are reasons enough why you should buy the mag.

Grace Oracion is another stunner worth to note. Her love for dancing brought her those curves and her face has this thing where she can be the best friend of an anti-heroine in a soap or the best friend of the heroine... that’s rich, or in the modelling business, or in some beer garden-ish setting. It all depends actually on her manner of speaking. This is basically the gauge on how an aspiring actress could do big in the industry.

Karen Anne Tuazon looks a lot like Carla Abellana. Actually there was one pose where she looked like Jennylyn Mercado. To each his own, huh? Some beautiful ladies need FHM to mature but some chicks need to do FHM when they have established something to eliminate the risk of being typecasted. Karen and Grace could have been teenyboppers on some youth-oriented show...  

I am kinda sad the Premiere Vixen search is over. Sure, them posing on the mag meant a lot of titillating poses, but the way they conceptualized each of their shoots ruled awesomely. I never thought that Christine girl would win, since I thought Jahziel would bag this. Anyway, Paulene deserves the win while Karen and Christine could do things with their roles. By the way, is it me or is Karen the conservative one in their group? I just noticed this because the other two bare their bodies while she just let the girls cup her...  

I could care less with regards to the girl group featured. They have chocolates as their names. Like I said, if FHM would want to get people to rally on their side, they have to give the people more than a mere pose.

The gadgets add a nice touch in my bucket list of dreams. That PSP phone should lord the pockets near my crotch area next year! The speaker that was highlighted too! And that Lego robot! I would have wanted that if it didn’t cost 23,000! The techno music joints featured in the issue looked like fun if I was still the dancing kind. I almost went to Dolce but this was when my officemates changed their plans to go to Guilly’s and this was three years ago. I don’t if Dolce existed then but either that or the bar before that. The motel article too. I have a friend who works in motels (working chicks in motels) and the pervy roomboys’ characteristics seem accurate. I suddenly remember the movie One Night Only which starred Diana Zubiri, Katrina Halili, Valerie Concepcion, Jennylyn Mercado, and others. See, that was a good movie. That movie is an example on how you don’t need to act deep and do something serious to do something good.

The dating genius article is something I would have done if I still need it. Is it me but is two years of relationship made myself outdated with regards to the dating world? 

Anyway FHM usually closes the year with a bang and boy did they close it right with this issue! Hopefully they open it well in 2011 with perhaps the entry of girls that has yet to grace the covers of FHM!

And like I said, the Ellen Adarna interview alone was masterfully done. 

Well done! 

Game over. 


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