Football frenzy must be here to stay!

Protecting the important parts

Football is getting a friendly rub from Pinoys after Team Philippines got a monumental romp against Southeast powerhouse Vietnam. As of this moment, the Azkals (they are called as such) qualified to the semis by deadlocking Myanmar.

Say what you want on how Pinoys are better suited in this sport than basketball; the popularity they are experiencing right now could fade if the avenues for their growth continue to be limited.

Broadcast rights are a major issue with most of the networks favoring soaps, sitcoms, and variety programs. Phil Younghusband is more known to the Filipino chicks through his spreads in Cosmo, Candy, Seventeen, and those other forms of media where he strips and poses rather provocatively (these shoots need not to be seen by men in general).

And fact is, Pinoys wouldn’t want to sit and wait for a goal that would happen in some time or at all. David Beckham is the widely known football star for us because he is the husband of that random Spice Girl (Victoria). We really don’t much of other soccer players unless they are extremely popular or is Brazilian (whose name starts with Ronaldo).

Basically basketball gives us the notion that every second counts but the PBA is currently in some deep shit as of this moment. With Solar TV revamping its program lineup that will not concern the PBA, the premier basketball league in the Philippines could see itself being seen in a secondary network. It’s hard for GMA, TV5 and ABS-CBN to air the PBA’s games because this will definitely mess their programming. I doubt if GMA and ABS would hurt their primetime block and TV5 is having so much fun with Willie Revillame that I don’t think airing their games live would be a priority. If they continue to stay in the UHF loop, their best chance is to score a seat with either PTV (the NBN name will end sometime in 2011) or QTV. It would be fun for QTV to air the games since that will also lead a GMA Pinoy TV airing of the PBA games – where OFW’s everywhere would salivate on. For Solar TV, whatever they are trying to do, it should be better than ditching the PBA. I honestly think that they should stay with the sports and entertainment concept because they do not have the tools to fight against the three networks.

So this means, football games will continue to get its airtime in either Studio 23, Solar Sports, or Balls. It’s actually not bad by any means since that the UFC has been getting a glorious reception in the Philippines because Balls has dedicated itself to be the UFC carrier.

I believe the only way that football would boom in the Philippines is through them playing their hearts out and winning as many tournaments as possible. Such an ardent task but hopefully this would spark the acclaim they have been yearning just like the boom boxing, billiards, and basketball has created.

Game over.  


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