A Letter to Barako Bull

Mark Isip had a good run as the top star but this trade could possibly
made him return to benchwarming hell. 

(Disclaimer: If you’re a Barako Bull fan, don’t read this)

To Barako Bull,

Please sell your franchise. There must be a bunch of companies out there that would use your resources wisely. Like Maynilad. Sure, I know that Manny Pangilinan wants another franchise. He certainly likes to have a bunch of teams gunning for his amore. I am trying to figure a lot of monikers in my head that doesn’t start with “Hydro Masters” or “Water Warriors”.

And please don’t laugh because “Energy Boosters” is just as lame as the said nicknames.

I hope they want to win because you obviously don’t want to. Reformatting conference after conference is stupid. Chemistry gets destroyed whenever teams exchange their breakout stars for benchwarmers. You had Alex Crisano and despite his inability to get disciplined, he worked well for your squad. Yousif Aljamal was poised to be a breakout star but they traded him to Sta. Lucia which was also the same squad they traded Gabby Espinas. At least Espinas is getting the minutes but Aljamal’s growth was derailed. Now Mark Isip had the chance to make a name for himself but Barako Bull traded him to Meralco which was the franchise that replaced Sta. Lucia. This was the best season Isip had as a pro and it looks like his fifteen minutes of fame has ended! Joining him at the Bolts is Reed Juntilla, a dynamite Cebuano star that once had issues with Yeng Guiao. He can be stubborn but he has the capability to scorch the net! Chito Salud was happy to veto the trade because he knows trading those two with Khasim Mirza, Ford Arao, and Pong Escobal is just wrong.

Oh and by the way, I almost remembered that you traded super freshman Hans Thiele for second-stringer Dennis Daa. Why would they need Daa when they have Chad Alonzo which is basically his play-alike? Maybe the Boosters would answer that they just gave the Bolts a Gabby Espinas clone.

If you think you just one-upped Meralco... you didn’t.  

Meralco had to rethink their trading block and inserted Marlou Aquino for Arao and mixed it with Meralco’s 2012 first round pick. Getting Aquino should please the Bulls but I have no idea how long Aquino will stand the fact that he is a man among boys. Motivating Marlou with these guys is laughable. Ginebra and Sta. Lucia had championship potentials and they saw Marlou getting lazy. What more with a bunch of less than stellar stars?

But I can accept this. What I can’t accept is why in the blue hell would you trade Sunday Salvacion? I get it, Lordy Tugade is his playing style clone and Vaughn Canta could be a diamond in the rough but come on! Tugade is a fraction of what he was! The reason why San Miguel let go of Chris Calaguio is that they have Tugade lined up for that often-reserved role! San Miguel doesn’t need Tugade which is why he was that dispensable. San Miguel mastered in one-sided trades and if they wanted Salvacion, they would have traded for Tugade or Canta and not both. Tugade struggled without Yeng Guiao coaching him. Sure, Junel Baculi has the same intensity but I don’t know how long he will last in that job. After years of becoming a third-string player, Salvacion had the chance to shine. Not only did you rob Sunday of that chance, all these trades just made your team laughable. Sure, you can say that this is a plan to swipe the Smart-Gilas guys when they turn pro. That could be good... but how can you get those players if you merely exist so that Maynilad can rise after you die???   

I hate to see a good franchise go but that good franchise died right after you traded Enrico Villanueva to Don Camaso (Villanueva was traded for Romel Adducul which was good but then they traded Adducul to Purefoods for the said player).

Please tell me the team would end soon because chances are, you are a mere extension of PBA’s D-League.

I just can’t stand a joke that’s not funny.

Game over.


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