Miami Heat versus Cleveland Cavaliers: Lebron's first game against his former team... THE PREVIEW!

Resist the chalk thing. Expect the worst. 

Lebron James should be happy.

He will play in front of his hometown.

But unless you’ve been living on a rock, chances are the events that would unfold will shock.

These people aren’t there to cheer their born, bred, and raised superstar.

They are out to murder him.

First of all, I am saying this metaphorically. The Decision was one of the worst things a player could ever think of. Chris Bosh fled the struggling Toronto Raptors because they have been cellar dwellers and a couple of failed campaigns are grounds to head away from “lowly” hell.

In Lebron’s case, he could have done this quietly as respect to those that adored win but instead, the decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers was left in bad taste.

The Cheers!
Although this would raise eyebrows, the fact that all is forgiven in Lebronland could be good for LBJ. This means even with the propaganda Cavs owner Dan Gilbert lashed out, he is still the man they proudly raised. Deep inside, King James could be smarting. This powerhouse Miami Heat is out to a crappy start.

The Jeers!
This is a strong possibility. Especially with the reactions he got from his “What should he do” video. Charles Barkley left Philly and the fans loved him. Sir Chares is not Lebron James. Did anyone laughed when Don Johnson did his cameo? If yes, then who are you kidding? Zydrunas Ilgauskas is useful with Udonis Haslem out but who the fuck cares? Thanks a lot for dragging him to your mess! Damn right, LBJ. Iggy could have been a Cleveland favourite but will people retire his jersey? Every time LBJ gets the ball, a chorus of boos will erupt! Hopefully Erik Spoelstra wouldn’t play him as PG.

Oh wait... did you see what LBJ did to him?

By far it has been blown out of proportions but Spoelstra is in deep shit right now with Pat Riley breathing on his neck.

The Riot!
This is an alarming possibility and this seems to be hatred overkill. Is this a rabid South American country addicted to football? No. Prove to the world Cleveland that you are civilized. Even if your former leader is a tool, at least you can safely say that you don’t! If the Cavs lose to the Heat, this will end the articles that Lebron and Miami is a match made by drunken, wasted, and slutty people. Could this lead to a stampede? I don’t think so. It’s the loss that scares me. When Mo Williams, Anderson Varejao, JJ Hickson, Anthony Parker, Ramon Sessions, Boobie Gibson, and a whole bunch of former friends and teammates greet him, expect them to go all out because if they don’t, the mob of Cavs fans would set their sights on them.

Hopefully the game wouldn’t really get that crazy. The league is so allergic to fighting ever since Ron Artest got insane and beat the hell out of the Detroit fans.

Prediction: Lebron shouldn’t do his chalk taunt. Heat will kill the Cavs if this is a rout but in a close game... give Lebron a bunch of bodyguards.

Game over.


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