My Amnesia Girl - The Review

You know your relationship has seriously evolved when you can easily fart in front of your girlfriend.

Yes, you read it. It seems disgusting, right?

Another disgusting scenario is your girlfriend forcing you to watch a sappy Tagalog movie.

Yes, you read it. It seems disgusting... right?

John Lloyd Cruz returns to the big screen to star alongside Toni Gonzaga in My Amnesia Girl. Directed by Cathy Molina, this Star Cinema flick gives light to memory loss.

Or did they?

When I saw my friends Gelo, Edson, Dulay, and Froi in Trinoma, I was jealous because they watched Narnia (I saw Narnia a few weeks later). At least Cindy didn’t make me watch Twilight or those Harry Potter movies because that would be ghastly.

Let’s spoil the shit out of you people. Sure, the overcheesiness of the story could either make you laugh, make you feel sweet, and make you hurl to death. The film basically enumerated all the cheesy pickup lines that single men and boyfriends who want to look sappy could still use to make them charming!

Para kang tae.

Kasi kahit kailan di ko kayang paglaruan.


Now there are a bunch of good points for people to watch Pinoy movies. Believe me, this movie is 50 percent better than most American romantic comedies I saw in 2010. I watched that Drew Barrymore/Justin Long movie and that Aaron Eckhart movie and it was an ordeal. At least the comedy here is neat. Also, at least the situations seen in the movie hits closest to people’s hearts because of the Pinoy setting.

One major qualm I had in the movie is that it looked like a gooey spotfest. The story is predictable and minus the punchlines, it could be a gut-wretching ride. I have I said that already? Am I already stating the obvious? The movie is such a hit or miss flick I don’t know if I want to love it or hate it.

If you envisioned the ending while watching the middle part of the movie... does that mean the movie is unpredictable?

Hell no.

John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga starred in the movie and while they both delivered commendable performances, it seems as if they didn’t own their roles. Actually Toni was commendable when vulnerable and mad but the over-ickyness of John Lloyd’s character is boner-shrinking. While you feel for Toni when she was trying hard to keep her secret and you could respect John Lloyd's character to do good things to make his guilt disappear, the crappy sequences is vomit-inducing. The things he did in the middle parts were cheesy and if that made every man try that shit on their beaus, then they should get their masculinity fixed. The kiddie birthday party/ prom scene was too long and too corny for me and to the other people who barely laughed at their antics during those moments. John Lloyd's character was awesome at the start where he hooked up with various chicks with defects! How quickly he changed from cool to fool!!! The fact that at some points Carlos Agassi and Joross Gamboa outshine John Lloyd means they failed to handle JLC’s character properly. Joross playing the snarky and sarcastic friend is funny. Carlos wasn’t really that funny but the running gag where he is always introducing himself to women through his abs is sick in a good way. Bea Saw was also good as Toni's best friend. 

You feel for John Lloyd when he played a overzealous maltreated lackey but you want to slap his face when he becomes overly cheesy.  

But on a non-boner-shrinking note, Toni looked hot during her almost sex scene.

Just saying.

All in all, My Amnesia Girl is entertaining but be wary that there are parts that you wished you didn't see. 

And congratulations for exposing all the crappy pickup lines men use to look cute. 

I know it doesn't work but guys still use them just to look less manly. 

Game over.


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