“it’s not technology; it’s what you do with it.”

I’m not really a phone person. My idea of a good phone is one that rings, receives text, and could do those things mentioned to other phones.

Fact is, I just can’t afford to buy an expensive phone just to call and text.

But for some insane reason, I want to know how great it is to own an expensive phone. I don’t really like touching other people’s phones because I respect privacy but wouldn’t it be awesome to have something grand and awesome in the pockets of my pants!

Cellphones have evolved through the years and it may have taken social status out of the equation. Sure, rich kids will own rich phones but you can’t really say they will buy the priciest mobile phone seen by their eyes. Cellphones these days veers away from the keypads. There are some inexpensive phones out in the market that has touch screen application. While the lowliest of touch screen phones have that insanely irritating waiting period as you open your files, they are still classy and slick when you check them out.

So perhaps now is the time for me to own a better looking phone than my current cellphone. My phone continues to be trustworthy but at times, it has its glitches. Plus I can see the rust creeping up the sides of the phone. My phone can still go but I think I need to go for a better phone.

Enter Nokia C7 – Nokia newest installment from its insanely-popular N Series. The look and feel of the phone is so slick and so cool that it will automatically make you the guy that owns a cool phone. The normal specs can be seen ranging from the virtual keyboard, the snazzy style, the things that would make you look extremely awesome... and of course, the call and text function.

Perhaps the best reason for me to own this phone is because of its multimedia options. If I see a celebrity zooming past in front of me, I can man up and ask that random celeb for a pic because my phone is awesome at 8 megapixels and that random personality won’t diss the slowness and the crappiness of its resolution.

You have no idea how sick and tired I am in editing video stuffs to upload in Youtube or in my blog that looks old, blurred, or stretched. The reason for this is because I own a digicam that is really, really old now and I promise to replace it with a better version. The fact that the Nokia C7 mobile phone can be slotted up to 32GB means that I can make my videos 640 x 360 instead of the memory-saving but really, really small video size that I currently use. The speed and the graphics are also to drool on!

Also, my digicam is so old that it can only read 1GB memory sticks!

And also, this is perhaps my chance to finally use mobile internet. I have tried hard to use it then but I got discouraged because my phone couldn’t give the absolute mobile internet experience I’ve been dreaming of. With the constant innovations and promos from various cellphone companies and networks, there is a definite chance that I will enjoy surfing and messaging using my cellphone.  

Can I watch cool videos uploaded online fast and clear? Perhaps the only way to find that out is through experience!

I am not poor but perhaps just a bit stingy. Nonetheless, it seems that the Nokia C7 cellphone is created to make my life awesome. It should be a wonderful reward for a guy who wants to document things in his phone but gets crappy avenues in obtaining it. Once I get my hands on this Nokia C7, expect this to be used to the fullest.

Nokia C7 could be the most awesome thing that I could have right now. 

That would definitely be my perfect Christmas gift.