The Next Tanduay Calendar Model is...

I got this clip as I was browsing the Journal Site.
Remember the time when she was the Queen of Mobile Games that is shown on TV?  

Iya Villania shocked this part of the world when she announced to reinvent her career.

She didn’t really said this aloud... although becoming the next Tanduay calendar model pretty much sums up a mission to be more daring in the near future.

For some insane reason, I don’t really get it. I saw Iya try her hand in hosting and she pretty much excels in it and ditto for beau Drew Arellano. I believe she’s one of those people that didn’t need to go to this route (Aiza Seguerra is another actress that could live without this because she is an awesome musician). But there is something odd about their careers. These two are good hosts but it seems as if they are not catering the masses. Iya could have been a perfect Wowowee girl and overact as she hands out gifts when the program was still existing (she could “jump” you know). Drew could have become the host of various reality programs where there is a high octane pace. Part of the failure of some of the programs of that mold was the fact that these programs were poorly hosted and Drew’s ability to host well and be entertaining is something the program could have exploited. And no, Unang Hirit is not a “mass” show. When your chief competitor has Donita Rose and Rica Peralejo trying hard to relate with the viewers... then it is not a “mass” show. As of this moment, Iya is best known as the chic chick on that Studio 23 show where she leads a bunch of women in dishing out high-end chick tips. Drew on the other hand has Unang Hirit, Balikbayan and Aha. I guess their intelligence and their ability to host posh functions make them a "hit or miss" in terms of the primetime wars. 

Hopefully the “shift” would bring them dividends.

Looking at the shots, she still has that "high-end-ness" but at least she pulled it off. I mean, she could have preferred changing some of her wardrobe because dressing with those things to begin with wouldn't really hide "things". 

I will stop with my fashion insights because I am sounding like those Project:Runway people. 

The move can give people the idea that Iya is ready to go head-to-head with the likes of Christine Reyes. If people respond well to her change then perhaps she could lead a drama series before the next year ends. Drew is also gearing up for a level up. Hopefully a big budget primetime gig would do the right thing and obtain his services. The loss of Paolo Bediones to TV5 left a really big void in their reality hosting posts and he can absolutely beef up that spot. 

I saw an online article where a FHM pose is not in Iya’s plans. That seems reasonable but FHM magazines are kept indoors while Tanduay calendars are usually seen hanging inside or outside sari-sari stores, on the driver side of buses and trucks (it would also serve as “heat” conductors for FX and non-aircon buses), auto mechanic shops, eateries, KTV bars, and in the wet sections of supermarkets.

Besides in terms of shelf life, a calendar will outlive its use when the next year graces and could pretty much be a “placemat” for precious porcelain things that are being kept inside a cabinet.

FHM’s of six or eight years back still looks current and if it doesn’t, then it is a good way to reminisce on throwback stuffs.

Also, imagine when kids get a hold of ballpoint pens and markers and suddenly doodle on the calendar? What a waste of hotness if the pose would be littered by blackened tooths, pimples, moustaches, goatees, tattoos, moles, even more furry eyebrows, sideburns, and nose hairs.

Just saying...  

Game over.


  1. Iya Villania shocked this part of the world when she announced to reinvent her career.