Open Mic Night

Like I said, comedy is such a hit or miss concept. Fliptop is a classic example of a hit or miss concept. There are spontaneous rappers with awesome narratives and then there are those that suck. No offense but fans of the brand will be the first to point out that the words Gap uttered when he fought against Loonie are horrible (look that up in Youtube).

Stand up comedy is another. First you have to be comfortable speaking in front of a huge crowd and then you have to be confident that you can sell your jokes. There are various kinds of storytelling and you have to think about your delivery, buildup, facial expressions, tone, and all other components to own the crowd.

After I enjoyed my stand up comedy experience in Votre bar last November 13, I planned hard for my friends to see one of their shows. I know they have a weekly gig every Wednesdays and since Jorge was flying in to Manila to attend a wedding, I figured that I can get my boys laughing with their awesome brand of comedy. So that December 8, I brought Jorge alongside Geist, Evilbrain, Edson, and Gelo to Votre to see a bunch of men dish out the laugh trip.

The thing is, what I brought them to is an open mic night. You know those dudes and dudettes who sing a bunch of tunes wrongfully? Imagine a bunch of wannabe comics trying to be funny. Sure, practice hard and it will gain you awesomeness but I just wished these comics practiced on another week. The thing with comics is that they need a captive audience to lure a new set of fans. You can’t lure people by saying inside jokes because it alienates other people.

The last of those comics were funny but there were a lot of duds. Sorry but some of the comics were boner-shrinking. I wished I took them to the place where guys like Tim Tayag, Alex Calleja, Eric Villarama, and Mike Unson were in.  

Hopefully when I come back, the awesome Laugh It Out material that I saw will be recreated.

Because they are awesome!

Game over.


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