Party Poppers

We magically transported ourselves to free food and booze heaven.

My officemates and I gate crashed another unit’s Christmas party last December 22, 2010.

Well, we weren’t really gate crashing per se since they invited us.

Because they have too much food, too much booze, and too little stomachs, they brought us to “consume” their food to eliminate waste. Apart from eating their grub, we provided “entertainment” to make it a superb Christmas party.

This event flashed me back when I was a college student. Evilbrain and Novice were then normal Legal Management students and they invited Geist and me to their somewhat-Christmas party. I believe this happened after the Paskuhan party in UST. Geist was majoring in Political Science while I was unloading my brain cells on matters concerning Communication Arts.

I won’t tell the year because it just hit me that I am nearing 30!

Evilbrain and Novice didn’t throw the party... their lady classmates did. They rented a room where there is a pool table, videoke, and booze. It was awesome! I noticed a particular girl was singing Yoyoy Villame’s epic tune Buchikik at least 12 times but for some insane reason, no one tried to stop her and instead we joined her disobey rationality. I don’t know if I got their names but I’m pretty sure I thanked them for their superb munchies.

I remember telling Geist “So this is how a GRO feels like”.

That event was so awesome!

In this version, I know them because they pretty much sit near me. I box them out from the place we print when we are low in paper and I always think to "accidentally" delete their names when their scripts are printing and I am in a hurry (I made this sentence to incite comic goodness). It was also a reunion of sorts because I saw a bunch of ex-officemates. The old and the new jammed to the songs of acoustic show band music. It was a fun moment. I noticed a bunch of things I won’t notice on a regular day.

Easen Ragma documented the event and made a video. It is nice. It reminded me of the opening credits of Saturday Night Live. The video started with Athan doing his usual magic trick in front of unsuspecting people.

You can see me gyrate as well!

Game over!


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