Reunion - Nov 27, 2010

Back then I was that jackass slimeball who loves to do things.
Oh wait... I remember this... this was I think my last day in the station. 

From 1993 to present, these people worked in that station with a pinwheel logo at the heart of Novaliches. 
Yes, I am still a goofball but now I wear a lot of black statement shirts to hide my fat body. 

But at least I'm still hot. 

Last November 27, I attended a reunion. It’s me with a bunch of buddies from my old work. I never thought I’d see the day where I was still the youngest in the room.

Lucky me.


After I ended my life as a NBN employee, I had a 3-month break where I was running out of my savings and desperately in need of work, two channels knocked on my footsteps. One offered me a job where I am a journalist while the other offered me a job where I was a copyrighter.

I ended up doing part-time work for both jobs.

Sure back then, what I did was stress-busting and mind-wrecking. I also had to juggle a relationship and an after-work online warfare. There was a point where I had to go through those four routes in order for me to have my “perfect” day and it sucks.

Back in my head I wanted the easy schedule that IBC 13 is giving me but I was so psyched that I can see my work when I watch ABC 5! Even if I was learning so much being in the field, I felt that there was something more in that station. After three months of juggling jobs, I chose ABC. The kicker? I got to handle my most favourite subject – THE PBA.

When I was in NBN I got to handle the PBA but due to financial constraints and other constraints I can’t really reveal, what we did failed to transform the league to be a money-drawer power for us. This prompted the league to find another channel to give them what they want and they chose ABC.

I was lucky that my boss back then chose two phrases from my bond paper filled with name studies. I was also lucky that the honchos from both the PBA and the ABC parts approved on both phrases. “Astig” was simple... and it was bordering to normal and the league can’t really say that this was their idea because a lot of people were saying it. But there was a point where everyone was saying Astig and it reminded them of the PBA. With every miracle shot Mark Caguioa or Rodney Santos took... the dunks Enrico Villanueva and Danny Ildefonso hurled... and the craziness Willie Miller and Asi Taulava managed to do, I was happy to race down to the TOC, grab a freshly-recorded Betacam 60 and pop it on the editing machine for me to timecode. I also learned a lot of things that I never knew I would learn back in 2004 to 2006 like editing, doing radio plugs from scratch, creating music for my plugs, doing voiceover work, assisting in voiceover work, learning basic Photoshop, directing, and doing things to make me seriously awesome. This was where I mastered my bread and butter! I knew to make people wow, I had to do it with my comedy and my ability to see raunchy things and fearlessly insert it to my works.

I last set foot in ABC a week after I transferred to GMA. I was happy to learn a lot from them but I felt I need to take the next step. This was months after ABC gave up their PBA rights to Solar and most of my friends have found other opportunities.

I am still applying everything that I learned from my former work to my current work.

In this reunion, I saw the original merchandizing batch of ABC 5. I was also pretty sure that I was the only one in that place that is still under 30.

I once put a caterpillar on the guy's printer. Who knew something can die because of a printer?
Office affairs can be an awesome bonding moment... or Survivor with aircon. 

Christmas parties never disappoint.
There is no such as vomitless Christmas parties! 

Luckily as we age wiser, the vomit spew lessens. 

Back then my sched was 9:30 to 5:30.
Now... 11:15am - onwards!!! 

As I continue to live my life’s current chapter, it was nice to open past chapters and be proud of it.

Game over.  


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