The Statmonkey of the Day: December 2, 2010

Cleveland fans must really hate this pic...

Did he get the memo about not doing the “powder thing” in the Quicken Loans Arena?

Sure, Cleveland rallied their fans. One thing got messed up though…

They forgot that the current Cavaliers’ roster doesn’t have a main man!

And the other thing? Lebron James is the Statmonkey of the Day!

In the most awaited dance of this young NBA season, LBJ delivered the goods to make those “noises” be rendered useless. Even if he is a member of the Miami Heat, it seems that Lebron’s shooting touch still remembers the feel of his former hometown hoop.

Barely notching 30 minutes, the erstwhile King of Cleveland delivered 38 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists, a steal, and a block.

Among the daily leaders of that day are teammate Dwyane Wade, Golden State’s Monta Ellis and Dorell Wright, and Phoenix’ Steve Nash.

Game over!


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