The Wedding Experience

I failed to grab any pics with me on it so here is a random pic
from my office.
(Here is a picture of harassment.) 

I attended Cindy’s brother’s wedding.

When I saw her dad, he wrapped his arms around me and said, “Kelan ka susunod”?

I said, “Opo! Magi-ipon na po” !

That was so... healthy...

Months before the wedding, Cindy asked me if I wanted to go to the wedding. This is my first time to attend a wedding as a guest of the maid of honor because I was her boyfriend. I was glad to be asked but when she said that I needed to go in a barong. Here’s the thing – I only go formal during weddings where I matter. Matter, in the sense that I want to go wearing a barong is if I was a best man, groomsmen, reader, emcee, or a sponsor because I naturally just wear a long-sleeved polo and slacks and snickers if otherwise. So after weeks of negotiations, I ended up wearing black pants and black leather shoes for the occasion and a black long-sleeved polo shirt that she bought for me.

There was a problem that arouse during the wedding day though.

Cindy gave me a beautiful polo shirt and while it looked awesome on me standing up... I forgot to try it on while sitting! Trying it on and sweating profusely at the same time made my shirt wet! Then it rained! The wedding was held at the San Sebastian Church at 4 o’clock and I was still waiting for the rain to stop at 2:30pm!

I rode a tricycle after the rain and no thanks to the Christmas rush, no taxi would take me to Recto. So I had to commute from Sandiganbayan to Welcome Rotonda and hope that traffic wouldn’t suck. But it did. When I got to Welcome, I had a hard time finding a taxi. When I got a taxi, I bumped into traffic. Welcome Rotonda to Recto normally is NOT 100 pesos!

When I got to the church, I barely made the Gospel. I was at the back of the church alongside other well wishers that got stuck in traffic. I was still wearing my body-fit long sleeves and t-shirt and when Cindy saw me she was puzzled why I look like a guy going to a party. Then I met with Cindy’s parents and then I went with Cindy to the reception.

In the reception, I heard a bunch of threats and future foresights. I even gave a speech because I am such a “good person”. Cindy’s parents are cracking a lot of funny wedding jokes. The high point of the wedding was that love was indeed in the air and their story will seriously be awesome.

The bad point?

Did you know how Tamayo Catering presents their food?

First, they enter the venue prettier than the actual bride and groom.

The second... dammit, they dance “macho-ly” to the thrill of no one. The song “Oh, So Sexy” shouldn’t be played in front of serious 70-somethings! That didn’t help the blandness of the food they presented (although a lot of homos would probably enjoy their “moment”).

Game over.


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