What’s her excuse?

It sucks thinking about and when this news hit my head, the world stopped. It made me feel sad but in the end all I could think of are answers. People could have defined this but I just can’t. It hurts my head as well as my heart thinking of it.

Is this really happening?

As I wandered to the online universe that is the internet, my thoughts wondered around something that is insane and perplex. Although its existence has stopped evolving in 2004, the event of 2006 is something that would hurt the perception of this being.

Can we still consider Sailor Pluto a sailor?

Fact is, it is hard to fathom such thought to swirl inside my head. For one thing – why the hell would I think of it? Am I too bored with wrestling sites, fantasy leagues, and blogging to have this inside my head? But it did. It fucking did.

See, ever since 2006 when Pluto was disproven as a planet, anything related to the dwarf planet seemed to pack a bit of controversy. Well, Pluto the dog was a sidekick so he doesn’t matter. This sparked the word “plutoed”. The word was invented in 2006 and the word connotes to anything downgraded or devalued.

In Sailor Moon, most of the hot chicks in skimpy clothing are named after the planets. You can probably see a lot of hentai artwork in the internet about these chicks “moon-prism-power-make-up”-ing each other to submission! Sailor Pluto was one of the last chicks to be introduced. She wears no ribbons and it seems as if she’s the oldest among the other “sailors”.

Okay, you might ask what’s the fuzz? The moon is not a planet and yet it is represented which means Pluto can have representation as well. The Moon is earth’s representation to the series. Also, Sailor Moon is the lead. I mean, of all the sailors, Pluto didn’t really have much to do. Besides, if Sailor Pluto and Sailor Moon could be the non-planetary sailors, then this would cause people to demand that Ceres, Eris, Io, Triton, Phobus, and those other asteroids and dwarf planets, a representation to the series!

Sailor Chibiusa? Okay... you have your point. She is basically a bad sounding Create-A-Sailor character. But she’s the future spawn of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask when they settle in that make-believe moon kingdom. Maybe back then, there is actually a planet of the same name. Nonetheless, she is a second generation character.

Perhaps maybe there is a need to scratch out Sailor Pluto. But then again, what will they lose whether or not they nix the character? The series has ended. As if there is a worldwide clamor to destroy her existence!

Anyway, I don’t know if people should take these statements seriously.

I am just thinking aloud.

(Why the hell I am thinking about Sailor Moon? What the fuck is wrong with me???)

Game over!


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