Who COULD grace the covers of FHM Philippines in 2011?

Could this be a possibility? 

I don’t know if half of these girls will be in FHM Philippines. Hell, if I see three of them in 2011, then that would be awesome. You see, I am going to enumerate the likely people that have the guts and capability to grace the covers of the most successful men’s magazine in the Philippines today.

The attention and the fanfare these girls get once they posed for FHM are phenomenal. Sure, there are those who failed to score a launching movie but the probability of that happening is crap. Assunta de Rossi, Maui Taylor, Diana Zubiri, Francine Prieto, Aubrey Miles, and a collection of others used the magazine as a launch pad for their careers.

Angelica Panganiban, Katrina Halili, Camille Prats, Christine Reyes, and Angel Locsin are some of actresses that used FHM to do away with their teen, goody-two-shoes roles for mature ones.

Angel in particular used FHM as a way to re-introduced herself to the public.

While I don’t think Bea Alonzo, Kim Chiu, Andi Eigenmann, KC Concepcion, Maja Salvador, and Erich Gonzales could do FHM yet... as well as Rhian Ramos, Heart Evangelista, Kris Bernal, Glaiza de Castro, and Bela Padilla, here are the people I think could do wonders if they see FHM action this 2011.  

Although the names mentioned can be a welcome surprise to their fans.

For my pics, I chose several factors like their hotness levels, whether or not they can pose within limited wardrobes, how FHM could get them to their covers, and how sought after are they. Also, I don't think FHM would ask the cover girls of 2010 to again grace their covers in 2011 because that is just overexposing them. 

I just grabbed the best pics they have on the internet.


10 GWEN ZAMORA / She was an amusing shocker after debuting in the fantasy series Grazilda and then she became part of the cast of the popular sketch show Bubble Gang. In the Metro Manila Film Festival, she’s paired up with Vic Sotto as the newest Faye (it would be creepy if his son’s soon-to-be-wife would continue to play as Vic’s onscreen wife) and that is surely a career boost! She is a fresh face with a potential to do big in the business given the roles she would take. Perhaps the most possible concept for her cover could either be tame and less revealing or sexy and jaw-dropping. Whatever it is, she’s sought after.

9 GEORGINA WILSON / With the rise of Solenn and the influx of Brapanese models on TV today, perhaps once Georgina Wilson decides to join show business, she'll decide to grace FHM. Sure, we know her as the girl Richard Gutierrez once had romantic relations with, but she's stylish and there is an aura in her that would make a great lifestyle host. At this point she has seen a bit of exposure through her Star World Station ID appearance. That feminine version of Manny Pacquiao shtick could be racist (because they think all Pinoys know how to box), but hey, Georgina as a boxer is cute. 

8 IYA VILLANIA / Again the fact that she doesn’t want to pose for FHM and yet she posed for a Tanduay calendar puzzles me. I think a FHM cover is better if you look at it. There are a bunch of hosts that covered the mag like Tisha Silang, Cheska Garcia, Phoemela Baranda, Donita Rose, among others. I think if she really does want her career to level up, I think she needs to do a cover that she could be comfortable in. Now I don’t think she’ll be able to do nasty, ultra-kinky pics because she has the potential to be the next Pia Guanio if you look at the bigger picture. Oh, and by the way, Pia Guanio once did FHM although not as a cover during the early 2000’s.

7 RYZA CENON / It seem as if 2011 is the year for Ryza Cenon. Her career was shaky (As did most Starstruck 2 finalists) but perhaps those supporting roles will be over if she does well in Machete. I mean, have you seen her segment in that GMA new shows’ TVC? She was hot there and sharing the spotlight with the likes of Dingdong, Marian, and Richard is make or break time for Ryza! She is ready to take the big step and people are supporting her. I can’t really see her going to the Katrina/Iwa route but expect her to find ways for her star to explode. I think a FHM cover could do well for her but merely posing in the skimpiest swimsuits won’t cut the deal. A concept that works vital for her should be vital.

6 MARICAR REYES / The tale of two hotties – one screamed foul and while one kept mum. In the end, Hayden Kho managed to weasel his way out of persecution (because the jury allegedly thought it would be impossible for Katrina to not know that she’s being filmed). Yes, letting him off easy sucks but at least Maricar still managed to shrug off the scandal because she didn’t really make fuzz out of it. Actually if you look at it, Paris Hilton and the rest of the Hollywood actress who got themselves in this bind walked away with more projects and more paparazzi trailing their asses. Fortunately she is not just a lovely face with a scandal. She has been noticed by a lot of viewers for her critically-acclaimed portrayals (especially the one where she acted like a taong grasa) and maybe it is time for her to grace the FHM covers.

5 IZA CALZADO / Who knew she could be hot? I mean, she’s beautiful but before Beauty Queen, I didn’t know she could do hot roles. I mean, remember the billboard where there were three giant-sized girls in swimwear??? Cars could fly out the Timog flyover by looking at that! But perhaps since Iza has this Indie something in her (check out Urbandub’s Evidence MTV) and she thought it would be a good idea for her to do that role. Beauty Queen is an awesome show and it possibly saved Iza from doing mother roles. Perhaps FHM can also do something to further prolong it? That is a possibility.  

4 CHRISTINE REYES / After a year and a half of absence I think it’s time for Christine Reyes to return. Save the Angel Locsin and the Iwa/Bangs issues, the familiar faces found little exposure this year. Christine is still controversial and current. People should thank her primetime shows for this. But then I think she owes FHM another “tour of duty”. This time, I think she needs to spice up her cover. We have seen her in bikini and in awesome poses but I believe she still has aces on her sleeve.

3 SOLENN HEUSAFF / Part of the success of Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Edition is that goddess who made a lot of her castaways (including the host according to reports) ogle. This prompted the model who doesn’t want to become an actress to gain fame and yeah... become an actress. FHM should exploit this. I really don’t know how she’ll do as an actress and I bet she’ll probably end up as a good host for some chic show but at this point, they should exploit her fame while it’s hot. Recently we discovered that she has the ability to sing. We know she can model. Maybe there's a possibility that she can become an award-winning actress!  

2 ANNE CURTIS / Until now I can’t believe on how low her rank got in the 2010 poll. We have seen her GSM Blue commercials and billboards from other products, as well as in Showtime where at one point scoured viewers very aggressively. But for some reason it barely mattered on whomever “mass voted” for their respective bets. I am not saying she should be a Top 5 person but certainly Anne Curtis is a Top 10. With that said, I think it will be cool for her to grace the FHM covers. She’ll probably improve on her 2010 standing and it could give her the publicity that she’ll need when she returns to primetime drama. While her hosting and modelling gigs continue to be outstanding, it’s about time for her to return to the small screen. Or... in maybe she’ll use this to promote a new movie, since it has been ages since she last appeared on one.

1 MARIAN RIVERA / There are various reasons why this shouldn’t happen. For starters, Marian Rivera doesn’t need FHM. Fact is, she’s not an up and coming starlet trying to make her way to show business but a superstar with a very successful career. However, she’s perhaps the most anticipated actress to lord the pages of the mag. Ever since she did the ground-breaking Marimar, alongside her other works like Dyesebel, Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang, Darna, and Endless Love, FHM has been courting her. Fact is FHM had a ton of opportunities to get her. FHM could have tied up with the show that she will star to get the show and the magazine major attention. If they don’t want costumes and motifs, they could have “X-dealed” with Tadyang, which was a (kind of) remake of the film which starred 70’s hottie Vivian Velez. The Dongyan tandem probably has run its course but Marian doing solo isn’t a bad thing. She will definitely star on a sizzling series and FHM could jump on this opportunity because that and THAT alone could be their first and only ticket to make Marian grace their pages.

I think a bunch of returnees I haven’t said earlier could return like Angelica, Katrina, Bubbles Paraiso (although she has yet to be a cover girl), Maggie Wilson, and Nina Jose. A bunch of newbies could also make their way like those that were mentioned, General Luna, Princess Ryan, and other ladies I don’t know.

Anyway if you want comment or question these picks, feel free.

Game over.


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