Always lock your drawers

Keeping too many 1 x 1's is a bad thing. 

My officemate Manuel was absent and it gave us a wonderful idea for a prank.

It all started when I returned from lunch with a bunch of 1 x 1 bond paper cutouts conveniently placed in my keyboard. Then Marc, our other officemate, told me that Athan was responsible for the actions.

I could have let this go... but I had Vlad next to me and he’ll insult me and tell me that I’m a wuzz if I don’t retaliate.

Returning the favor, I deployed the 1 x 1 pictures to Athan's desk... and more!

I also employed the services of a person to capture the pictures as we then post the pictures on Facebook.

I thought the prank was done in good taste when Isko laughed the hell of it.

By the way, this prank happened hours after I Jedi mind-tricked the canteen lady to put beef with young corn sauce on his kutsinta.

When Manuel saw his face in a Wolverine action figure’s crotch, he wasn’t happy.

And it’s understandable.

His picture is conveniently in a large Wolverine's crotch. 

One of the many places I placed the pic. 

He's in a thought balloon. 

I like this the most because when Athan was trying to work,
his mouse doesn't want to move.
It seems like there is something blocking the mouse's red thing... 

Worst DC character. Ever.

This incident makes me understand that:

1)    I should always turn off my computer so that they can’t change my wallpaper.
2)    I should always lock my drawers and hide my important stuffs so they won’t treat them as weapons or hostages.
3)    Lastly, I should never give them an excuse for every incriminating thing they could possibly do to me!

I plan to take a lengthy time off during my birthday week.

By that time, I shouldn’t be surprised if they pulled a prank on me by that time.

I also discovered that it was Marc and not Athan who pulled the prank on me.

I brace the worst when I come to work tomorrow.

Game over.


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