American Idol Ep 1: Life without Simon starts

From L to R:
Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, and the guy that loves to say "dog". 

American Idol hunting season is now open.

The office stops at the sight of those crappy wannabes belting out tunes too good for their larynx.

I miss Simon Cowell already because Idol suddenly became The Randy Jackson’s School for Judge Training.

Kara Dioguardi too. I miss her.

Remember this?

Yeah... that’s the stuff.

Simon must be squirming in his seat with the decisions the current group of judges were making and I don’t blame him. I think emotions, their inability to sense Top 24 material (or 48 singers for that matter), and their eagerness to search for top draws will give the AI producers a bunch of plane rides to Hollywood all for naught.

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are here in place of Simon, Ellen DeGeneres, and Kara Dioguardi. Jennifer Lopez’ entry was meant to fill in the need of Paula Abdul while Steven Tyler could reveal Simon-like qualities if he becomes a cranky rock star.

Randy Jackson? He’ll probably be the Yoda or the guide of the group.

I am convinced that why New York hates New Jersey. Their wardrobe reminds me of the current Jejemon phenomenon that’s a pandemic in slums and depressed areas.

I saw a bunch of people that can actually stand out but hopefully Randy can “train” Steven and J-Lo to make proper decisions.

Ryan Seacrest? Hopefully someone can still diss him whenever he does annoying things.  

Maybe he’ll fight Tyler but damn, I’m afraid of overkill when Steven goes rockstar to trounce his ass!

Game over!


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