American Idol Ep 2: New Orleans Auditions

This is better to look at than Randy Jackson's tummy. 

I saw American Idol. It was in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was a generic auditions week and I saw a bunch of wackos. I heard a lot of good voices but none of them awed me.

I was actually rooting for the guy who looked like Mick Jagger but sang Lady Gaga.

I would have wanted to see more from that guy but I doubt if he’ll even survive the plane ride.

Anyway, the constant thing about the auditions is Jennifer Lopez. I am not really a fan of her recent work but I’m getting to like seeing her wince and act googly-eyed when she feels slighted, humiliated, and happy.

Too bad that when we saw an American Idol “topless” moment, all we saw are Steven Tyler, a random Latin guy, and Randy Jackson.

Randy... holy crap... Jackson.

At least Ryan Seacrest didn’t join in.

Here’s a hot J-Lo pic to calm your nerves.

Game over.


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