Baking madness

The guy is a numbskull and yet he gets the praise!

The guy knows good bread via smelling it.

I dunno about you, but that’s just awesome.

The Baker King, a Korean drama, is one of my guilty pleasures right now. It was originally seen on KBS and has since reached Philippine television via GMA. The story revolves around an illiterate idiot who is in search of his missing mom. Kim Tak Gu is dubbed The Baker King because he has the ability to create the best tasting bread in whole of Korea. What makes the lead character stand out is his optimism and delightful personality. Kim Tak Gu reminds me of a cross between Dragon Ball’s Son Gokou and Yu Yu Hakusho’s Yusuke.

Anyway, I’ve been finding time to catch the show. Hopefully I can get a copy of the show or spot an encore on KBS World. My parents saw the series in KBS World and they told me that the show had a great story arc and more importantly… a good ending. I’ve been checking out spoilers in the internet but it’s hard to spot a synopsis. I could try out logging to Crunchy Roll or You Tube but staying through long hours inside the office gives me the opportunity to catch the series on GMA.

I’m going to be an obedient little mongrel and I’m not going to spoil myself.

For how long?

Perhaps when my interest for the show wanes and I get to remember that I love this show and then I go to some place rich with pirated paraphernalia and I buy the series for a measly sum!!!  


Game over!


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