Beggin by Madcon

Now they know how a firefly lives.

I was looking to check out a peg for a TVC I need to do and it requires a party atmosphere and a lot of cool graphics. While this video barely got what I wanted, at least it gave me a hap’nin tune to listen.

The title of the song is Beggin by Madcon. The song was used by Adidas when it celebrated the 60th year of their Soles and Stripes collection. Featured in the ad are Katy Perry, Missy Elliott, David Beckham, my favourite basketball player Kevin Garnett, and others.

You can check out the video when you click this.

While I’m not a dance genre or whatever-you-call-it type of guy, I enjoyed the sound this song blurted out. If you want to check out the song’s actual video, here it is!

I’m going back to researching. I’m hoping the inner DJ in me would rise up and temporary maim my rock-loving persona.

Game over.


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