Cuteness Overkill

Sonic was never this cute.

Are you looking for a cool phone and at the same time die in cuteness?

Well, there is a phone in the market called Samsung Ultra Touch. I don’t know if this is an old version but it’s certainly much better than what I have right now. My phone is a couple of years of becoming “a cheap phone you can use as a second phone for your adulterous needs”. Sure, buying the phone gives you an edge when you need to look awesome in front of people but if you are a person of my stature – a cheeky bastard who’ll rather spend his money elsewhere and is in need of a very serious motivation to upgrade his phone – then you need to find a bunch of reasons.  

Samsung Ultra Touch offers a bunch of reasons...  

... Although if you’re not a pet lover, you’ll probably find this clip annoying.

Alternative uses for Samsung Ultra Touch... isn’t it awesome?  

Game over.


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