Everything must go up!

I know this won't do much... but still...
looking at Korean box office queen
and star of My Sassy Girl Jeon Ji-Hyun...

In Arkansas, a bunch of birds dropped dead from the sky. I remembered the same event happening in the drama Flash Forward. That show got cancelled. Will we get cancelled too?

Of course, I am joking here but it depresses me whenever I see a bunch of businessmen in the news.

That’s not good for us customers.

It’s true. It’s damn true.

It all started when the South Superhighway started to raise their toll fee again. It will happen this April. A 300 percent increase is what we need to go with our lives. For students, this is the best time to bed space. It’s overkill for people with menial jobs to trek to Manila because of this.

But staying in the metro is torture as well. Anytime now, the taxi fare will go up. Flag down starts at 40.00Php with an additional 3.50Php every 300 meters or every two minutes of waiting time. Sure, the increase is for those taxis with franchises (single-serving taxis need to go to calibrating spots for them to avail the rate) but what are the chances that the ingenuity of a Pinoy hustler... wait... Pinoy taxi driver will eventually win against the unsuspecting customer. I mean they whine about how prices are going up, how gas is skyrocketing, and how they hate the fucked up owner of their taxi.

Since the taxis will issue a receipt, does this mean that this can be used as an official receipt for tax deductions?

I mean, I like some of them. Reno Taxi is one. MGE is another. Perhaps there are some taxis that are nice.

Emphasis on some...

Everything is going up except the people’s salaries. Man I cannot believe I am saying this.

I am turning into a grownup.

Where is my Peter Pan Syndrome when I needed it!

Game over.


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