The Fail of the Day (January 26, 2011)

My officemates planned to jog Amoranto’s oval after office.

Since the turn of 2011, we have been health-conscious.

Because I changed my bag, I forgot to bring my Globe Tattoo. Actually, I was on the verge of buying a Smart Bro prepaid broadband. They were offering a great deal and I was checking my wallet on whether or not I have the budget to pursue it.

When 7:30 happened, we went to Amoranto. When he got there, there were a bunch of men wearing blue short sleeved polo shirts and a lot of chicks donning granny dresses.

In short, there is a religious congregation that is about to happen.

So what was a proposed start for health and well-being became a trip back to the office.

Game over.


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