FHM Philippines January 2011 Issue: The NON Review

The beach buddy look strikes again! 

My 2011 started with a thin wallet no thanks to buying gifts and the costs of partying.

I am not ranting or anything but it took a lot on budget.

This is why I failed to buy the first FHM Philippines issue of 2011!

I always mix up Carla Humphries with Sarah Christophers. I won’t blame you if you think I’m stupid but to respectfully not offend anyone, I am more of a Sarah Christophers fan. I think her face is pretty but her UNO April 2008 cover failed to meet expectations. You can see that she looks awkward posing in front of the camera which blows since she looks beautiful in front of the camera and the UNO issue had more pictures of Jude Law than her! WHY WOULD MEN WANT JUDE LAW PICTURES ON THEIR MAGAZINE!?! Those reasons made it easy for me to not buy the January 2011 FHM Philippines issue – because if she can’t be comfortable posing in UNO, then she’ll likely look awkward in FHM.

But fact is, Carla Humphries is the one posing in FHM and not Sarah Christophers!!!

Well that sucked!

But I think it’s all for the best. I saw some of the Carla Humphries photo at the FHM website and again, to not offend anyone, it seems as if they merely shipped her to some place where she can be shot with that ONLY in mind. She looks swell and all but I’m looking for at least an awesome concept to back up her hotness.

The good news though is that I have sick leave money.

It’s a lot!

I’m going to research on the new FHM cover girl and hopefully she’ll be awesome.

I’ll probably look for a e-book of this issue to check out the rest of the articles.

By the way, here’s Sarah Christophers. 





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