High on Wood

Those fat guys from Pugad Baboy knows their kamote!

I have to buy the new Pugad Baboy graphic novel.

For months, the new costs of the Pol Medina Junior compilations have really turned me off. 180 pesos for the same paper and layout means Pol Medina is demanding a fee because he’s famous. Sure, I know he’s probably the Mars Ravelo of his generation, but for a regular Joe (or Jose or Pepe for that matter), it’s a bit pricy. I remember when I bought Pugad Baboy 4 and 5 for only 65 pesos. I found stock at a defunct bookstore near the Makati Medical Center.

That was a long, LONG time ago.

But because of a particular strip seen inside the pages of the Philippine Daily Inquirer a couple of days back, I’m planning to continue my Pugad Baboy compilation streak even if I hate its current price.

We have been pushing for the success of Machete. Tin, the writer behind its plugs, has been thinking of all sorts of gimmicks and palaboks to boost its campaign. If you check out her Facebook page, you’ll see her cheeks “feeling” Aljur Abrenica’s chest. I think it’s safe to say that she wants Aljur to succeed. The Machete Diet is one of her creative creations.

Anyway, she was so happy when PMJR used the word she coined on Aljur’s diet and he placed it on her Facebook page. It means that the “sweet potatoes” Aljur has been using to replace rice in his system is gaining a lot of acclaim from people of all walks. This is good because not only did the campaign worked, it also made the show relevant.

Had they used Machete-exclusive barrel men as a giveaway in their press launch instead of Machete mugs...

Hey, maybe they can use this thought for merchandising purposes?

Game over.  


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