I blame Katy Perry for this!

How can something so wonderful spawn something so hideous!

Usually, I would like anything that comes from Katy Perry’s mouth.

Russell Brand looks smart.
Just look at the left side of the pic. 
Except for anything Russell Brand-related!  

I love the guy’s comedic awesomeness... especially when he played Aldous Snow in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek... and nothing else. 

Brand looks like an adulterous nimrod because of the roles he play but I doubt if he is like that in real life. 


Call me naive but I think there is love here. Sometimes I find myself singing Teenage Dream without knowing why. 

Katy Perry hasn't really been a frequent visitor to friendly neighborhood plastic surgeons (if Brand's romance status is anything but superficial) so Russell Brand would be a daft prick to dispose of her hotness! 

However, I blame her for seeing this in the internet.

One night while I’m waiting for my Cindy to finish work, I asked myself if there are awesome California Gurls covers in Youtube. I saw a bunch but they were either too “chipmunk-y” or too iffy for my liking.

And then I stumbled on this.


But hey, this is me.

Maybe you love this?

If you do... then good for you!

In the meantime since you love this rendition, the Asian dude strikes again and this time he brought a girl!  


You people must be wet by now. 

If you feel sickened with what you see, here's Katy Perry singing the song. 



Game over!


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