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It was in the news this week that model/actress Solenn Heusaff went nuts after a French dude called her a bimbo. 

Perhaps she got pissed because it's a man's name just like 80's singer Bimbo Cerrudo?  


It's probably because it means a pretty lady with all body and no brain. 

See, ugly chicks will never be called bimbos. 

They are lucky.  

Back to the news. Sure, Solenn’s work as a model and an actress automatically makes her susceptible to this kind of name-calling. She is also hot, which means that she’ll probably live her life getting away with things because of her beauty rather than her smarts. But the thing is, people shouldn’t judge people of how they are packaged.

She knows the meaning of the word... so therefore, she isn’t one. 

Here is an example of a bimbo. 


I blame Solenn though. Solenn and her family were hospitable to the ones making the documentary. They barely knew these people and her family treated them with love, respect and security.

This is what you get for being so nice.

Now I know why Americans and English like to insult the French people so much.

Anyway, I can relate to what Solenn is having... believe it or not.

Sometimes people misjudge me.

They see me as some “mantastic” wonder of nature that’s too good enough for even the prettiest of women.

They also see me as delusional.

Even now that I got a huge bulge, I still look hot. At least I can look like something luscious either thin or fat! 

Did I say people think I’m delusional? 

Game over!


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