Kane makes fun of The Rock and Hulk Hogan

The Big Red Laughing Machine. 

Situation: The Rock and Hulk Hogan are getting ready for their 3-on-3 match. Rocky tells Hulk that their third guy is a vicious monster. Actually, he’s a big red monster! Kane shows up and Rocky tells Hulk that Kane is the perfect person to join their team.

Catch: After years of silence, Kane just began to talk.

This was when the internet isn’t spoiling things for the public. You gotta love WWE for this (this was back when they were still called WWF). This was when things are watchable and comedic moments are actually funny. 

Real life things are hard for Kane. 

While Kane returned to his normal ruthless and brutal self, he made a Kanenite (one of thousands) out of me with that amusing promo.

Game over!  


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