Magic in a Jordan/Isiah sandwich

Even if this looks extremely gay,
they are still awesome because they earned being awesome. 

I fit Magic Johnson as one of the ten best players to play in the NBA.

I can also say that he’s in the top five of my list when I’m in the mood but there is no questioning Magic’s impact in the league.

Jordan eyes Magic with a hint of jealousy...
boy, does he want to grab his ball! 
Magic is dangerous when he has the ball and even more dangerous when he gives up the ball to a long range bomb, a slicing penetration, or an eye-popping pass! Without him there would be no Showtime in the Great Western Forum. Pat Riley, James Worthy, Byron Scott, Michael Cooper, AC Green, Kurt Rambis, and even Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the rest of the LA Lakers wouldn’t look as awesome in the 80’s if not for Mr. Johnson.  

That is why you need to check out this clip. Forget the Spanish announcer who’s making this game like a football match. It involves Magic guarding and attacking two of the biggest names in the NBA during his generation...

... The Motor City Bad Boy Isiah Thomas and arguably the greatest player to play the game, His Airness Michael Jordan.  

You have to check out how his face lights up whenever he converts on a difficult pass or play to realize how much he loves basketball. Let us also remember that this happened way before players had jaw-dropping contracts and insanely expensive endorsement deals.

That’s why even years after his retirement, people still think highly of Magic.

Game over.


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