Peja goes to Dallas!

The cowbells will be clanking in his favor. 

Remember when I wrote this?

Well thank goodness someone from the Dallas Mavericks’ office sensed my awesome knowledge!

Without Rodrique Beaubois in the lineup, Dirk Nowitzki battling injury at the start of 2011, and Caron Butler out for the season, Peja Stojakovic can find playing time for the Mavericks.

The 33-year old forward was signed by the Mavs days after he was waived by the Toronto Raptors. The Mavs then trades reserve center Alexis Ajinca to the Raps for a guy that is currently playing in Spain (Georgios Printezis).  

This should be cool for Dallas’ energetic owner Mark Cuban. Remember when the cow bells were clanking in Dallas every time the Sacramento Kings were in their house and Peja would cook up a storm to destroy the chances of a home team win? Well, now that Peja is on their side, at least he knows that whenever Peja rains threes, it will favor his team!

The thing they need to check though is that since Peja is barely in game shape, probably the best way they can use him is at late February or early March.

While this could be true, he’ll still be a major asset come playoff time.

Game over!


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