Remembering Dawson's Creek

Dawson, you numbskull.

I wanted to have a neighbour chick. I wanted to have a chick where I would get and climb a ladder, sneak in to her room, and talk about movies and entertainment trivia.

Dawson Leery is gay. If I have access on a hot chick and she lets me go to her room without her parents’ knowledge, I would unleash my inner Ron Jeremy! And you see, it’s not even Dawson who’s doing the effort! JOEY IS THE ONE GOING TO HIS ROOM! It’s like a pizza delivery. When a pizza delivery guy delivers you a pizza... will you exchange thoughts about Alfred Hitchcock, Orson Welles, and Stanley Kubrick with the pizza?

No wonder Joey ended up with Pacey.


No wonder Joey ended up with Pacey.

Unfortunately, the nearest house in my place then didn’t have a second floor... and the only female is an eight-year old kid when Dawson’s Creek was popular.

Trespassing na, kiddie porn pa!


Dawson’s Creek is such a worldwide success that ABS-CBN tried to mimic it with Tabing Ilog. Yes, they paraded four love teams, different sets of parents, and a character like Caridad Sanchez that vaguely resembles Jen’s grandma (played by Michelle Williams). It was also set in the countryside. It’s soundtrack in a way sounded the same (Paula Cole’s I Don’t Wanna Wait versus Barbie’s Cradle’s Tabing Ilog). Hell, it also sort of used the same font.  

Every Monday nights, I hurry home to catch 60 minutes of teen drama goodness. If it wasn’t for this show, I don’t think The OC, Gossip Girl, Smallville, One Tree Hill, and even Glee would happen.

I remember when I was in high school (the last three months) and in college, and I would race to my house to catch an episode and until its later years, I never missed an episode. Sure, there is that teen drama story you can locally grasp if you watch TGIS, Gimik, G-Mik, Anna Karenina, and Tabing Ilog, but I honestly use their social interactions for research.  

Pre-Tom Cruise Katie Holmes was the ultimate girl next door. She had a guy’s name that automatically made her hot and she was a sporty chick that’s not ugly. Telling people she’s not hot automatically makes that person gay!

Also, when I was thin (sniff), I dressed myself a la Pacey. See, when you don shorts that’s not maong, wear a short sleeved polo that looks like table cloth, walk with your hands in the pockets of your shorts, and wear sandals... you are putting on the Pacey Look.

And then there’s Dawson. Part of me had his thoughts. I wanted to write stories, act intelligent, and be profound. Another part of me wants to strangle this fellow.

Why? I already ranted about him during the initial parts of the article.

So why all of a sudden would I write about Dawson’s Creek?

When I visited Funny or Die, I saw a James Van Der Beek creation.

Beside the clip, there was a link involving Joshua Jackson and Pacey-Con.  

Feeling lucky, I decided to search for a Katie Holmes Funny or Die clip and I ended up...

... With this junk.

Should I look for Michelle Williams?


So as I crappily end this (I’m going to have dinner with my GF), let’s sing the Dawson’s Creek anthem.

Yeah. I bet you want to Akyat Bahay your hot neighbour right now!

Game over.


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