Sleeping fail and other fails!

Poise fail.

I started my day wrong.

I was dreaming I was in a fight.

I was winning because I was punching like a wild stallion!  

However I woke up... because subconsciously I was punching as well and punching the wall HARD made me aware of the EXTREME hurt my fists were experiencing!

Anyway, I did three idiotic things while in the office:

NUMBER ONE: I managed to close the door and hit my face.

NUMBER TWO: I managed to bump my head hard on a cubicle post while sitting.

NUMBER THREE: When my officemate opened the door, I wasn’t looking and thankfully I only ALMOST hit my face.

I think I have an annual klutz moment... and that moment struck now!

Anyway, here are the best fails of 2010!

Hey isn’t that cool! I managed to say my not-so-great day and segue it to a FAIL compilation!


Game over!


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