The Statmonkey of the Day: January 23, 2011

Now that the trade rumors are temporarily postponed,
he can continue to make great plays for Denver. 

NBA only had one game and we are treated to see the Denver Nuggets maul the Indiana Pacers.

And who better lead the charge than Melo?

Carmelo Anthony led the Denver Nuggets in defeating the Indiana Pacers, 121 to 107. Melo had a game-high 36 points to go along his 8 rebounds, a block and an assist. With his impending trade to the New Jersey Nets dying horribly, he can now concentrate in giving the Nuggets a great run to the title... before he goes to the New York Knicks.

Tyler Hansbrough, Nene, Al Harrington, and Jeff Foster did what they had to do during that game.

Game over.


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