Striking Resemblance

I think it's time for the former vocalists of South Border to record an R & B album. 

One lunch time a few weeks back, I heard a tune on the radio. My friends and I just drove back from eating at some Timog Avenue establishment and as we looked for parking space, I heard this tune.

The music was called Rocketeer and while I don’t really dig R and B music, I was a fan of this tune.

The first thing I noticed was that it resembles South Border’s Ikaw Nga. Ikaw Nga was the soundtrack of the hit TV series’ Mulawin. Aside from the love affair of Richard Gutierrez’ Aguiluz and Angel Locsin’s Alwina, the song was instrumental in bringing a lot of viewers.

A friend then told me that Duncan Ramos and Vince Alaras collaborated on the song. They were the voices behind the Ikaw Nga whose music and lyrics were penned by the legendary Jay Durias. The song really sounded like as if Duncan and Vince were singing and I didn’t mind. Again it reminded me of Ikaw Nga and to some extent, South Border’s The Show. It sounded fantastic and I predict that “Flaaaaaaahahayhayhaaayyyyyyyyyy” would rule the airwaves and will have a slew of singers and wannabe singers singing it in either Party Pilipinas, PO5, or ASAP.  

A few years ago, I thought for sure Eargasmic was a foreign song but to my surprise, it was sung by Mobbstarr. You might not know them but they’re more popular under the name Dice and K-9.

Remember Itsumo?

Here’s Eargasmic if you want to check it out.

But then it was final – that joyous and hap’nin tune never came from a Pinoy group. The song was sung by a group called Far East Movement where they featured Ryan Tedder to since Rocketeer.

I won’t say whether or not the song was a ripoff because I think it’s not.

However, you can’t mistake that the chorus seriously sounds a lot like Ikaw Nga.

It’s nice to hear that for once, American music sounds a lot like Pinoy music. 

So perhaps maybe it's the right time for South Border, Freestyle, True Faith, and Side A Band (perhaps a re-imagined version) to moved out to whatever place they are hiding because their showband music is seriously the "in" thing again.  

Game over.


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